Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ada Turns 3

December is an insane months so I am attempting to catch up.  Our December month always starts off with sweet Ada's birthday.  She is official three!  Ada is my bright, strong, stubborn, daddy replica, sassy, kissing lady.  She is growing up so quickly!  She loves to dance and sing songs.  She prefers to make up her own songs to sing.  She loves to read.  We go to the library every Monday to get loads of books.  She has started "reading" them herself.  She loves Tinkerbell and Disney Princesses.  Whenever we do her hair it is either a "Belle bun" or "Rapunzel braid" or "Princess pony."  She loves to play dress up (princess of course).  She wears her Cinderella dress up nearly every day.  She sings her ABCs and can count in English and Spanish to 10 (English she can go higher).  She knows her colors and claims pink and purple as her favorite.  She is still our chicken, but learning to try a few new things.  She recently learned to climb up a slide and tried out jumping on a trampoline.  She still loves, LOVES eating.  In fact sneaking food has been a bit of an issue that we are learning to deal with.  She refuses to use bike peddles and just runs with her feet.  Pretzels are her favorite snack.  She is over 3 ft tall and weights about 31 lbs.  She has been talking for WEEKS about how for her birthday she was going to get earrings.  Not really sure where this came from since I hardly wear earrings.  She loves to build towers with her blocks daddy made and call them temples.  She is still very picky about what she wears.  She always wants to wear dresses and skirts which is difficult since it is getting cold.  She usually wears about 3-4 skirts and a dress.  Now just add a long sleeve shirt and pants to that combo.  Brushing teeth is still a bit of a nightmare.  We have had to do some bribery to keep her in her bed at night.  She found she likes to get up in the middle of the night and come upstairs.  We decided she can have berries with breakfast if she stays in her bed.  It worked (for the most part).  She will still get scared sometimes and come up.  Her favorite word is "no."  She is very independent and doesn't like to be forced into ANYTHING.  She can be so snugly and loves to play with us.  She usually loves her sister and has gotten to like the idea of sharing her room with Rue.  She loves to say prayers and talk about Jesus.  She loves going to church on Sundays.  

 I made matching skirts for me and my lady for her birthday.  Ada isn't a big picture fan.  She doesn't really like to have her picture taken, but every once and a while I can get a few great shots.  I love this lady so much!  She changed my life forever.  She is my little miracle!  She is a challenge right now, but can't imagine life without her.
 On her birthday we had a little party.  My friend gave her these adorable overalls that have a 3 candled cupcake and three on back.  So cute.  So, for her birthday she wanted to have a tea party with her friends.  She loves to have tea parties.
 We started off with our traditional crepe papered door.  She wanted waffles and berries for breakfast.  Daddy and I got her some puzzles (love goodwill), and a princess bed tent (craigslist), and a princess crown.  The night before the birthday Keith and I stayed up rather late making her princess cake.  Didn't turn out fabulous, but it was still cute and Ada LOVED it.
 Ada's sweet friends came to our tea party.  We had dress ups and then they made necklaces of pretzels, cheerios and fruit loops.  Then they had a little (water) tea party with crackers and fruit snacks.  They had so much fun taking turns pouring tea.  Trying to get a picture of all of them was a tad challenging.  This was the best we could do with 5 three year olds.
Ada was lucky to have family show up all day.  My mom came by after lunch for a bit to share with her.  Keith's parents came out for dinner and FHE.  We are so blessed to have loving grandparents for our kids.  Ada was afraid of the candles on her cake and daddy had to help her blow out the candles.  Poor chicken.  Love her!  The top left picture is Ada and I in her bed tent.  She LOVES it!

It was a wonderful day for Ada.  She had so much fun and felt so special.  To make the day even better my sister Andrea had her sweet baby Savana that day.  Now Ada share her birthday was cute baby Savana!  What a wonderful day!

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