Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sherry's Shower

My sweet little sister is getting married at the end of December and we wanted to make sure the she got a sweet send off.  So my amazing sisters and I threw this together.  It was fun!  Cousin Kara got the invitations out for us.  Teresa and I handled food (mom helped..thanks).  I did two games and the prizes.  I went to a shower a month or so ago where they used aprons as the game prize.  I thought it was very cute so I made up some fast aprons and I thought they were pretty cute.  The shower was held at a lady's house in mom's ward.  It was gorgeous and so FANCY!  We got there half an hour before and frantically set up.  Guest arrived and things went smoothly - ish.  I'm not a very good speaker and I don't like directing games, but it turned out ok.  Hopefully Sherry had a wonderful time!  I was SO relieved when it was over.  I get very stressed out trying to make things all work out.  It's just a relief that it went well and with very minimal problems.
 Spice game.  Also from the shower I went to a few months ago.  Fun game I think!  You have several (I used 14) spices in bowls numbered.  Guests can spell, touch or taste the spice as they make a guess of what they spices are.  It's fun! (a little less fun if you are like me and a few siblings that can't smell)
 We did a granola parfait.  It was delicious and much less guilty for the waste.

 Game prizes
 A few people playing the spice game.

 My sisters and helpers!
Grandma came out and gave Sherry this beautiful print in this totally cool vintage-ish frame.  Grandma is so thoughtful! 

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