Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Park Day with Cousins

Halloween night Ada really wanted to stay playing with her cousin Kenna.  We agreed we would meet up later that week and do a play date.  Friday after Halloween we meet them at Freestone park.  We played on the slides and Kenna taught Ada how to climb UP a slide.  Ada is my chicken so I had to help her learn how to.  She was super nervous and scared but she did it.  She was so concentrated she would stick her tongue out.  I'm proud of her for trying.  Rue just wanted to eat sand.  Lame..and gross! 

We also feed some of the ducks bread (thanks Teresa for bringing the bread).  Ada thought it was so funny to watch them fight over the bread.  We walked around some more and waved to the people on the little train that goes around the park. It was delightful and when we started getting hungry we headed back to mom's house to have lunch together.  Mom and I also worked on the skirts for Sherry's upcoming wedding.  It was a fun day and I was glad that I had taken the time to play with Ada at the park. I have found that I am usually so busy every day that I don't always set aside enough time to just play with Ada.  She then retaliates with bad behavior.  I see what I need to do, but I do have to also get things done.  I need to be better about setting aside specific time to get out of my house and do something fun with her.  We have better weeks when we do.

The most creative "treat" she got was this orange play-do.  Such a great idea to pass out!  Ada spend the next several days just playing with it.  Came downstairs to find her doing this with it.  She came up with it all by herself.

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