Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mystery Dinner Birthday Party

My wonderful sister (they all are by the way), Andrea, has her birthday in November.  Usually for sister's birthdays we do a craft night and dinner, however time is just not working.  So, I decided it would be fun to throw her a birthday party.  It was a tad hazy/insane/crazy establishing a date, but we finally settled it for Saturday the 10th.  We all get babysitters and planned for a night of "Roman Ruins!"  We did pizza and salad for the dinner.  Dave rocked it and brought wine (aka Sparkling Cider).  It was SO fabulous!  The food was delicious, dress was awesome and we had such a great time together!  I had a blast and I really hope that she enjoyed her party!

 The Egyptian lady that seduced the son of the dead Ceasar
 My husband was the dead man, and I was apparently having an affair with Andy's character.  Keith was a random fortune teller that looked at animal intestines to tell the future.
 Teresa, the rich neighbor, model/statue....KILLER!  We actually all basically took a stab at my "husband" but she was the finally killer.
 Andy, the bronze no brain captain.  Andrea was the nun that got secretly got prego with Troy's fictional father (Ceasar)....quite ironic since she was the only one there pregnant.  We all had a good laugh over that one.
Dave was a teacher and sneaky money launderer.  Sadly he showed up after pictures and I don't have one of him.  Such a fun night!!!!

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