Tuesday, December 4, 2012


So, I'm a tad behind, but my goal is to get caught up this week.  It is getting harder to get things done now that Ada doesn't take a nap (unless she falls asleep on her own).

So, the Saturday before Halloween was our ward's block party.  They block off this one street every year and turn the street into a mini carnival type deal.  The all the auxiliaries in the ward take on a few little games to host for the kids.  There is a hot dog dinner, games, snacks, ice cream and of course candy.  Ada was a little young last year so we were really excited to see if she got into it.  She did do better.  She cheated at most of the games (because she couldn't do them).  She was very excited about getting her candy.  She wasn't very good about keeping her lego box on, but we didn't worry about it because it was rather hard to play around and move for games in it.  LaRue basically vegged out in her stroller most of the time.  We went back to Gordon's house for a bit afterwards and adults chatted while kids played.  I love having my sisters close and being able to hang with them.

For FHE the Monday before Halloween we carved our pumpkins.  We got them this year at Sprouts and they were VERY stringy!  It was hard to clean them out.  It was like scooping spaghetti off the walls of the pumpkin.  Ada was ambitions and stuck her hand in fine.  However she quickly decided she didn't like the way it felt on her hands.  She would take out a scoop then go wash her hands.  Come back, take out a scoop and go wash her hands.  That was how she did it until the pumpkins were ready to go.  Ada wanted her's to be a princess.  Sadly, I dress the face on and Keith called it a "special" face.  It's rather lopsided and proportional.  Hey, I free handed it.  Rue, was obsessed with the pumpkin guts.  She just wants to roll around and play in it.  So we let her.  She was completely content to just play with the gooey stuff for a while, then proceeded to put it in her mouth.  She was suck on it and shiver.  It was SO funny!  Man, she is my crazy girl!  She was very sad when we had to clean it up and clean her up.  They turned out good and we had such a wonderful time doing it together!!

Halloween we decided to spend with my sister and her family out in Queen Creek.  Keith came home early and we headed out as soon as Rue woke up.  I had made some crock pot dinner that we just took with us.  Teresa's in-laws were also with us which was fun to have a big group.  After dinner we got all dressed and headed out.  Ada was really very cute about it.  She was very polite and would say 'thank you' after she got her candy.  Ada for some reason didn't catch on to  saying "Trick or Treat," instead she would say "Happy Treating."  It was so sweet!  Love her!  I was a bit worried that she would get scared by some decorations of costumes, but she didn't have nightmares.  She did get nervous a few times so I would hold her hand.  She kept the costume on better for a long time.  Seeing that cute little box running up ahead was priceless.  If it hadn't been dark I would have video tapped it because it was SO adorable!  After a while it did wear out.  She kept taking it off saying it was hurting.  We decided to just take off Rue's octopus legs and put them on her.  It worked and she was contented to have the legs instead of the box.  Note to self for next year, we need to pick a costume easier for a kiddo to wear.  Both girls did very well and even crashed on the car ride home.  I was worried that would keep them from going to bed when we got home, but they did great.  It was a very enjoyable Halloween.  We had a great time together and even loved spending time with family.  Ada was very sad to leave her dear cousin so we agreed to do a play date at the park a few days later.

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