Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Black Friday...

 Well, some may have spent their Thanksgiving and all night shopping.  We went home and slept.  Woke up nice a calm.  We had breakfast together, cleaned up the house and got out Christmas decorations.  I'm not knocking Black Friday (except on Thanksgiving...that is just WRONG), I was just glad to not be a part.  We had a wonderful time decorating!  I love Christmas and I love making our house festive!  I like to change up the decor!  Ada loved setting things out and helping with the tree.
First off...this picture actually makes me laugh SO hard!  This is totally typical of our house.  Vacuum out, one kid screaming the other not paying refusing to listen.  haha, not always, but definitely totally funny!

 Ada had to wear her Santa jammies.  She was even willing to put on the Santa hat.

Ada was having so much fun putting the sparkly balls in the "gumball machine."  Rue on the other hand just wanted to take them out and eat them.  Drove Ada nuts (as you can see from bottom right); she tried to keep her away.  But as you can see from the left picture...Rue is very sneaky!!!

We have our cute little $20 tree from our first Christmas.  Ada was very happy about it and loved looking at the ornaments.  We have taken on the Christian tradition of getting a new ornament each year.  I love looking at the ornaments we have collected over the last 5 years.  I love my little family and I love the memories that we have!  So excited for this holiday.  Luckily we are almost ready and nearly done with the shopping part.  Just a few more things to get and a few things to make.  So excited to share with the people we love!

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