Saturday, November 3, 2012


This month just seemed to zoom by. seems so vague to me now.  We finally started to get a cool down and went to the zoo a few times with friends. 

Ada has been changing quite a bit lately.  I have been trying to do some "school" with her and help further her skills.  We have worked quite a bit with colors and she has started to pick them out when we go places or look for certain colored cars while driving.  Keith has taught her how to count to 10 in Spanish as well as say a few other words.  She loves to sing and has further expanded her imagination.  We go to the library once a week and get TONs of books to read.  She loves Barbie movies (don't worry she doesn't watch them that often).  She still loves to dress up and dance to music.  She chores are cleaning up her toys, she helps we wipe down the bathroom and puts away the silverware.  I get so nervous about making sure I'm teaching her clean up after herself and learn some responsibility. 
I made her a new skirt using a pattern on Pinterest.  It actually turned out fairly good, even with the zipper!

LaRue has started dancing to music (see video).  She loves her sister and always looks for her if she can hear her.  Rue has started eating solid foods.  She is still rather petite, but growing and still sleeping through the night.  I did have her napping upstairs in my room, but when I came in one time to find she has somehow managed to reach my pin cushion on the table nearby I stopped.  She was fine, just pulled out tons of pins somehow avoiding to every poke herself.  She and Ada share a room for the night and naps.  LaRue has also learned to pull herself up on the couch.  She is growing up way too fast!!

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