Monday, November 19, 2012

Ada's Learning

Ada and I have been working on the Alphabet.  The first video isn't very good on the sound...I just like it because of Rue.  I love her little mistakes she makes.  Often when she sings the song she gets stuck on Q.  Then the WXY tends to be a round that goes on and one until I help her finish.  We have just started working on connecting it visually to the letters.  She doesn't really know them yet, but she knows when she sees letters that it is the alphabet.  She will usually say "hey mom look, the alphabet" and then start singing it.

She is also learning to pick up on phrases that we say.  We have decided to outlaw "oh my gosh" as it tends to come out too close to something else.  So, we say "oh my goodness" and we just love it when she corrects us.  She had some problems with truck, so we decided to not even teach her the word witch during Halloween events.  It's funny the little things she says.  She also LOVES to sing.  Most times she just dances about singing her made up songs.  She loves to paint and color.  She is very good at doing her dishes (she is responsible for cleaning out the silverware).  She has definitely turned a corner with her defiance and we struggle to know how to deal with it.  Usually we have several very frustrating weeks and then a random good week.  We are starting to have problems with her waking up at night with nightmares.  For several weeks she would wake up between 2-4am and come up to our room.  I think she was waking up for dreams or just rolling over and deciding to come visit.  We have talked several times about it and made a deal.  She can pray if she has a bad dream and if it is REALLy bad she can come.  However, if she can stay in her bed until I come to get Rue (even if she wakes up earlier) she can have berries on her waffles or cereal.  It has worked so far.  I think she is also close to ending her nap time.  I'm really REALLY sad about this so not yet ready to fully accept it.  Probably soon I will have to give in and get rid of them so she can get to bed at night. 

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