Friday, August 17, 2012

Table Project

 We have talked about redoing our kitchen table for quite some time.  We couldn't really decide upon a color so and it seemed such an undertaking we just put it off.  Then me dear cousin was visiting from Cali and talked about how she was planning to redo her's.  My Uncle is a carpenter and makes tables and such.  My cousin was talking to him about how to do it.  Keith got it in his cute head that he was ready to do it.  So, we did!  Keith had recently bought paint and redone a stool that we found in the dumpster (what can I say, we are cheap).  It was called aquatic green.  I had been dragging my feet because I couldn't decide between brown or black for the table.  We had a bunch of left over paint from the stool so I slept on it and then offered the idea of using the left over paint.  Keith love it (he is so sweet).  So, we went to work.  We actually took the table apart and started before we left for the family reunion.  When we got home from the reunion we painted and finished it.  We had talked with my uncle as well and wanted to have him "seal" it with all his fabulous professional skill.  However, he was busy with projects and couldn't for a while (though I was greatly appreciative that he was willing to help us, so kind!).  He provided us information and the how to seal it ourselves.  We spent 3 days being very dedicated to sealing it.  It was a lot of work, but we enjoyed it together.  It was wonderful to see the fruit of our labors and we both love it.  I'm so grateful for a wonderful husband that loves these projects with me!  I think it is so fun to fix up our house and do crafty projects with him!  Love him!!

We were very excited for our first meal on our new table.  Keith wants to do the chairs now...but what color?

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