Friday, August 17, 2012

Rowse Reunion

The week of the 4th of July was actually a Rowse Reunion.  My sister and her children came from New Mexico for the week and we spent lots of time playing in the pool, eating and laughing.  Everyone has kids that fairly well match up age wise.  Ada LOVES my sister's kids and loves to play with her cousins.  The New Mexico cousins are so excited to see our kids and Ada always gets very attached to them.  I love that every day my sweet girls were loved by cousins and played with by family.  My mom put together patriotic lessons to share.  It was a fun week spending time together.

Then the last week of July we all gathered again.  My sister-in law who lives in Minnesota came to visit with their two boys.  My oldest sister (from New Mexico) came back again so that we could all be together.  I had all my family minus my bro on a mission and my bro who was back in Minnesota working residency.  The cousins were ALL together for the first time in over a year.  It was a FABULOUS week!  We had a "Sister's Night" and all my sisters were together and had dinner and did a craft.  We do this to celebrate birthdays and this was connected to Teresa's birthday.  Thursday evening (Aug1) we were all together for my Gordon nephew's baptism.  Again, wonderful to be a family together.  I really enjoyed being able to see all the cousins together.  We wanted to get a grandkid picture with my parents.  So sweet and tender!  I love my family.
 Ada and Kenna played so well together! 

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