Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Family Reunion Part 2 - Greer

...As mentioned, the drive from camping to Greer lodge was disastrous.  Rue screamed for most of it, We didn't get lunch, I cried on several occasions, we had several camp dishes fall out of the back when we stopped in Show Low and shattered, Heber has no grocery real grocery store, oh and did I mention that it was that time of the month (sorry if that's too much info to share, but that was just puts into perspective my emotional stability)... Two and a half hours felt like torture!  We finally arrived only to find out that the Greer Lodge people would not let us go to our cabin yet because the rest of the party wasn't there yet.  SERIOUSLY!  I wanted to smash something!  So, I took my screaming kids and decided to let them pay for not letting us in.  We sat right there in their little check-in room and my kids either screamed/cried or ran around touching everything.  I didn't even bother to restrain them - it was just one of those special times.  It turned out ok and we lived.  Family showed up and we finally got settled.
 We loved the beautiful surroundings.  We had two cabins and packed the family in.  My amazing sister-in-law made these adorable aprons to  people to use while cooking.  Super cute!
 Christian Family

 We had brought tons of fruit with us.  Ada LOVED eating the strawberries.  It's incredible what this kid can fit in her mouth!  She eats so much and really is a good eater!
 Sleeping was a tad trick, but we tried to still takes nap.  I think I should have napped more.  I didn't sleep well any of the nights which resulted in a MASSIVE migraine.  I was sick and throwing up most of the drive home and the next few days.  Need my "ZZZZzzz"

 Four generations!  I was lucky to spend time with Granny!  She is so sweet and fun; I really enjoy being around her.  She taught us how to make wash towels that have a croqueted hanger for attaching them to the oven.

It was very pretty up there.  We went for several walks and just enjoyed the nature.  I loved that it rained almost every afternoon.  It was just like Flagstaff and I was grateful for the beauty around me!

This was probably my favorite moment of the whole week!  Keith and I sneaked away for 30 minutes while our kids were both asleep and played horseshoes.  We are both TERRIBLE but I always love spending time with my best friend!  We had fun learning to play the game together.

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