Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Camping with Friends

 The first weekend in August we went camping with our friend's the Paynes (and his sister, hubby and baby).  We left Friday around 2:30pm and headed off to our normal camping spot that we had just visited three weeks earlier.  We stopped in Payson and I fed Rue.  We picked up our last few supplies and went the rest of the way.  It was rather stormy looking so we agreed husbands would work on getting food started (or we would never get to eat) and ladies would set up tents.  Sounds rather backwards, but I'm not very good at starting charcoals.  However, it started raining so the guys helped us frantically get tents up so our kids had somewhere dry to be.  It didn't rain too long, but enough to make it an adventure!  Dinner was dutch oven chicken.  We did get it started late....so sadly dinner wasn't ready until 7 or a little after.  To fill in time we took kids for walks and just talked.  Ada again was a cautious camper and I think she did pretty well.  Anyone who knows Ada knows that kid can EAT!  She would probably eat all day if I let her and I am embarrassed to say she was quite the little beggar with the two other families.  We had six adults and four kids under the age of 3.  It was interesting!  After we got our kids down we just talked around the fire.  That was fun.  Usually Keith and I just sit quietly enjoying the stillness and go to bed early.  We got to bed kind of late and I was starting to get a headache so I took Tylenol PM (great stuff).  I think that's the best sleep I've had camping in a while.  I don't think Ada woke up during the night and Rue only woke up once.  I was grateful for the sleep, but sadly still had a bit of a headache. 
   Can you see her caterpillar friend she is pointing at?  It was huge and she loved watching it crawl around!
 Ada loved to play bossy pants and make Payne's little girl pick flowers.  Ada loves to do this, so I think she was just sharing with her.
 Ada even picked them for her and gave them to her to hold.
 (I love that Ada feels she needs to squat to be at her level...haha does she get that from me?)

We set up a shooting range a little way off and took turns taking care of kids and shooting.  I got to shoot my gun again.  It was nice to practice.  But, due to the headache I didn't last long.  I did also shoot Pat's revolver (which was actually really fun!).  After shooting we quickly packed up camp and got ready to head home.  Kids got cranky quick and packing up proved to be a trial on the nerves. Oh, and to top it off Ada decided to poop explode all over the back seat and then got it all over the front passenger seat.  REALLY hard to not be frustrated when you have to sit in a seat that has been pooped on.  We stopped in Payson for lunch and then hurried home. 
Boy was I glad to be home!   Luckily it was "date night" so we dropped Ada off at the babysitter home (I did bathe her first, no worries).  We picked up Chinese food and then finished unpacking.  After we unpacked we snuggled up to watch a movie for a little bit before getting Ada.  Fun little camping trip with our friends!

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