Monday, August 6, 2012

Another Week Alone

Rue and I had the privileged of going to Girl's Camp with our ward.  I work with the Beehives and just love it.  I had to take Rue with me as she is still nursing and not really a bottle taker.  We drove up with everyone and spent the day there.  She was marvelous...truly, it was a miracle!  We stayed all through the evening program.  I was debating staying the night.  I hadn't really prepared too, but had the option presented while there.  Finally around 9:45 I decided to just head home.  Not going to lie, it was a challenging drive home.  Keith called me every 20 minutes and we both made it home.  I was home one day then Keith headed out.
Keith was selected to go to a Transportation Engineering conference in Santa Barbara.  I was rather bitter (yet again...feel a bit bad about that) because I kind of wanted to go with him.  Or, since it wasn't like he was presenting anything...why go?!  I was just not a happy camper to be left alone for another week within a month.  They left...and I was alone with two kiddos.  Honestly, it just went by.  We survived yet again.  Was it fun? Where there days I just was so mad Keith was gone?  Yeah.  But, I have to admit this week went better than the other week I spent alone.  Sadly for Keith his boss gave him some project (last minute of course) and he spent most of the trip in his hotel working on it.  Yeah, great job!  Glad that he went far far away just to sit on his computer and do what he could have done here.  Whatever, life moves on.  We survived and I truly hope to not spend another week alone for a long time!

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