Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ada at 2yrs 8mos

My dear little Keith Clone...how I love her!
 Ada loves to play dress up.  She LOVES high heels.  She has two pair of play ones and also goes through my closed.  Her new thing is pretending.  She runs around the house with her blankie (which she is even more attached to) yelling "run the guys are going to get you."  Kind of creepy, but she pretends she is being chased and has to hide under her blanket.  Often I am invited to hide from the "guys" with her.  Sometimes she just runs around with some item claiming that she is saving it from the "guys"
(she sometimes acts obsessed with throwing up.  She has done it at least half a dozen times within the year.  One night she went to bed claiming to be sick so we gave her the "throw up cup." When we came back in to check on her this is how we found her.  Asleep with the cup suctioned to her face...haha)
 Ada loves music.  We basically ALWAYS have the primary songs playing in the car; known as "my songs."  She is often very excited to have daddy turn on his music and dance with her.  She likes to be spun around.
Ada is very smart, at least I think so.  She speaks VERY well and in complete sentences.  She now copies little phrases that we say (which has resulted in Keith spelling things now).  She can name all the 8 colors, count to 10 on her own and Keith has taught her to count to 10 and name some body parts in Spanish.

Ada loves to dance and is quite talented.  We went to my nieces' ballet recital a while back and she has been enamored with ballet since then.  She even points her toes out and everything.  Her new favorite movie is Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses.  It has lots of music and dance in it where she will get up and join the dancing.  She will usually put on dress up clothes and dance with the movie.
 Ada does love her sister.  I can't wait till they are old enough to play together.  She loves to sing to her and give her kisses.  She is still very good about giving Rue her binkie and loves that Rue is now eating food with us.  LaRue just loves Ada.  She always gets the biggest smile when Ada is around.  Rue loves to watch Ada play and be silly.

She is still in a diaper sadly.  We were all potty trained and no accidents for over 3 weeks and then something happened.  She WILL NOT have anything to do with the potty.  It's so weird!  We didn't fight over it, she didn't fall in, nothing odd she just decided she was done with it.  Very frustrating!  We will just wait until she is ready to do it again.
Ada likes to dress her self.  I am often no allowed to help which results in fabulous outfits.  As long as we aren't going anywhere I do mind.  She is a skirt girl all the way.  I think she has worn shorts maybe a dozen times in the past 6 months.  She just loves to wear skirts or dresses.  She She also still does not like me to touch her hair.  On Sundays I can sometimes persuade her to let me put a small hair tie to the side.  But, only because we call it princesses hair and Ada LOVES princesses (which really is quite funny because she has never seen one of the Disney princess movies).

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Natalie Braithwaite said...

I love the barf cup picture. I laughed and laughed. Soo cute!