Sunday, August 26, 2012

6 Months

LaRue is now 6 months...and changing so much!

14 lbs 4 oz - weight - 25%
 26 3/4 inches - length - 85%
16 1/2 inches - head - 40%
 Ada (I think she was actually 7 months in this picture)
14 lbs 13 1/2 oz - weight - 25%
26 1/2 inches - length - 75%
16 1/4 inches - head - 20%

People are always telling us they look exactly alike...I just don't see it.  They have very similar features, but they look very different.
 LaRue usually likes her sister..but sometimes I think this pictures says it all.  Ada has a tendency to be overwhelming.  Rue still loves to watch her though.  Trying to nurse with Ada around is nearly impossible.  All Rue wants to do is watch her.

She is a very happy girl in the morning!
Rue likes it when her daddy tosses her up.  She also likes to hang upside down.  Hope that is foreshadowing that she will be a daredevil!! 
 LaRue can sit now.  She is getting very close to crawling, but not quite there.  She can scoot around on her tummy and is VERY wiggly already.   She is eating food now twice a day.  So far she has had peas, green beans, squash and sweet potatoes.  She is a tad more tricky to feed that Ada, but getting better.

These two pictures make me laugh.  At the end of my "photo shoot" for Rue's 6 month pictures Ada did this.  She had been outside helping me and then disappeared for a while.  I finished taking pictures and was picking up when I heard her scream (the picture above).  Apparently she had run inside to get her play camera while I finished and was hurrying out to take pictures with me.  She was devastated that I was packing it up.  So I put Rue back down and let Ada do her own photo shoot of her sister.  Super cute!!!  Ada is so creative (especially in her choice of clothing)

 LaRue still has her dark locks.  They are however lightening up, but sadly not curly like there were when she was younger.
 Her eyes are still bright blue and I'm pretty sure she has Rowse lips.  She is starting to get 2 teeth on bottom.  They are still a far way out I think, but I can see the two bumps and slits coming on her gums.
 We recently changed her schedule.  She started waking up in the night which was troublesome since she shares with Ada.  We moved her back into the kitchen and switched up her schedule.  She spend about 2-3 weeks adjusting and is now back with her sister.  Rue wakes up around 6:45 for her first feeding.  Awake until 9am then naps till 11.  Nurses and eats food; then awake until 2.  Takes a nap until 4 and then nurses.  At 6 ish we nurse again and the fight till 9 when she nurses and eats before going to be around 9:30pm.  Basically from 4-9 she is a challenge.  She is grumpy her mouth seems to bother her.  The sad thing is she is actually really pretty good as long as she doesn't see me.  If she sees me all she does is cry.  If I should be around I should be holding her I guess is her thought.  Wish I could, but even if I hold her she cries.  She just likes to share her woes with me I guess.

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