Monday, July 2, 2012


 well, it was bound to happen eventually right?  I was making dinner and looked over to see her with the scissors in hand.  I ran over and grabbed them thinking crisis averted.  I finished dinner then went to set the table.  That's when I found the patch of hair.  I didn't yell or anything but I showed her the hair and she started crying.  She knew it was wrong.  I had been thinking about cutting her hair for a while because she is SO very sensitive about her hair.  She screams when we wash it, she won't let me brush it, will NOT leave anything in it to save her life.  So I had decided to get it cut and was trying to find a place/person to do it.  Then this happened.  It really was a "good" cut if there could be on.  It is over her ear and not a ton.  It blends in rather well now.  We had a wonderful lady in the stake who cuts from her house.  She gave Ada a frozen go-gurt and Ada didn't move or make a peep the whole time she  cut her hair.  I was very proud of her for sitting still.  The lady did a great job and I love it!
 She loves her hair and it is so much easier to manage.  Now she doesn't look like a neglected little scraggly girl every day.
Ada has also entered the stage of dressing up.  It is her passion right now.  She goes through SO many outfits every day.  She loves to put on my shoes or dress up shoes.  She also likes to go through my clothes and put them on.  It's kind of funny and Keith can't believe our girl is so girly.  She is just so darn cute. 

On a side note, Ada WAS potty trained for about 3 weeks.  She was in underwear and doing fabulous.  No accidents and I thought we were done.  She then decided she was done with the potty and REFUSES to even sit on it now.  I have no idea what happened.  If anyone has suggestions please share.  As of right now I don't feel like fighting her so we have just gone back to diapers because I can't clean up underwear and carpets EVERYTIME she goes potty in it.  So sad!  I thought I was done with it...but not quite!

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MissKris said...

The same exact thing happened with us! Averie was totally potty trained for about a month- no accidents, she would go by herself, etc. Then just one day out of the blue she started having accidents and that was back in January. I have attempted potty training again and it made it worse. I am not sure what to do either! She knows exactly what to do and how to do it but refuses to go on the potty. She will sit on it for an hour and nothing and then as soon as I put a diaper back on her she will go. If you get any good advice let me know!

Sorry this is so long :)