Monday, June 4, 2012

Week as a Single Mom

My week ALONE!!!...I know it sounds so wimpy to those who are incredible super moms and are on their own all the time or more often..but it was HARD!  Tuesday I decided to try and get with a friend in the ward for a play date at the splash pad.  The girls had fun together and then we even came back here and played for a bit.  It helped to create a different day so that maybe it could be fun.  On Wednesday we just ran errands.  Hard with children in tow and trying to plan around naps, but we survived (and that wasn't even our hardest day).  I had to take both kids to mutual and that was interesting.  Ada luckily just sat with her cousin or babysitting buddy for most of it.  The girls are learning their dance for camp and Ada wanted to join in.  That was fun.  Thursday was my hardest day.  I had an idea for a gift for Keith for our anniversary and it required me to go to Hobby Lobby.  Of course as soon as we walk in Ada needs to use the potty.  Then there are WAY to many things for her to grab and stick in our cart.  I hate saying "no" all the time and that place sure didn't help.  On top of Ada's energy, Rue wouldn't go to sleep and started screaming.  She wouldn't stop so I had to hold her and push a cart and try to keep Ada from knocking over every breakable thing...basically not very much fun for me!  We went to my parent's house after to have lunch and naps.  Mom had a friend trying to get more into this facials company and invited her to come do facials for she and I while the girls napped.  Mom went and laid with Ada and I worked with Rue.  Both girls fell asleep and 10 minutes later the lady showed up.  Guess who magically work up 10 minutes later.  Yep, Ada slept only about 20 minutes and was awake just as we were ready to start.  The whole experience turned out more stressful for me than I'd like to admit.  I don't like to be the mom always getting after their kid.  There just wasn't anything for her to play with or people to pay attention and she quickly became naughty.  It was so frustrating and discouraging.  We stayed for dinner and Ada was beyond feisty.  She was tired and just didn't want to cooperate in any way.  I finally just left in tears angry and frustrated.  Friday we went to Glendale to visit my old friends and their kids.  Ada had a great time and was much better behaved.  She did however scream most of the ride home and the rest of the day.  Saturday we tried to clean up and Ada was VERY clingy and whinny again.  Really...I was about ready to break.  Luckily Keith came home around 11:30 and just went and cried alone for a while to calm down.
Wow, I sound like such a whinny baby!  It was really hard, but it was good too.  I spent time with Ada reading books, tickling, playing and dancing together.  We did have really good times and I was very proud of myself for surviving.  I had moments I smiled and thought...I can do this!  I can do it...I just love LOVE to have my Keith home!

I took these on Sunday before the week began so I at least had something precious to help me...I think my kids are pretty darn CUTE!!!


Julie Rowse said...

The part about Hobby Lobby cracked me up. I have completely given up trying to take Mason or Jacob there or to Joann's. It is horrible!! Glad your week is done and you can have some time for yourself!

Michelle Lamoreaux said...

You are so tough! Being on your own is really hard... I was alone with just one little one and I thought I was going to lose my freakin' mind - can't even imagine with two. Good job Marjie - I'm proud of you :)