Thursday, June 28, 2012

5 Years - part 2

2012 - 5 years later...

 Our wonderful day didn't start out in optimal circumstances.  It was the end of the week (almost) of single parenthood while Keith was at boy scout camp.  They were returning ON our anniversary.  I spent all morning struggling with Ada and trying to get the house all cleaned ALONE.  Not my favorite thing to do alone, but I wanted it to look nice for him.  Sadly they didn't get home till noon-ish.  He was very tired and I worried it would spoil our evening.  He was good to try and put on a happy face for me.  We started a new experiment with some friends.  There are four of us and we are going to try each taking a Saturday and watch each other's kids so we can have date nights.  So we would have free babysitting three Saturdays and then one Saturday we would have everyone's kids.  Our anniversary happened to be the first night.
 (I bought myself flowers since Keith wasn't home and wouldn't be able to)
Keith had apparently planned out a fun little treasure hunt to start off our evening.  We couldn't drop Ada off until 4:30 so she started it with us.  He had cute little pirate themed/worded notes for me that took us around to different places.  Several of the destinations had gifts.  It was very cute and so excited that he had put so much time and thought in to it.  I was very surprised and impressed!
(here are the notes and the club he made me at the scout camp)  He had us drive around a few places.  He made me this cool club (yes, I think it's really cool he made it for me).  He made me this rope with a bunch of knots and wrote a sweet letter about us being twined together and knotted forever...sweet!!
 I LOVE my old home Flagstaff so he took this REALLY awesome picture of a map with Flag as the focal point and had it framed.  It's really cool looking!
He got me this flour sifter attachment for my Bosch.  I'm always making bread so he thought this would help with getting the four in.  He loves my bread...or at least he pretends very well to like it.  It makes me happy that he does.
 My "treasure" at the end of the hunt was this...yes it is a real Taser!  Keith said he worries about me when I'm not with him and he wants me to be safe.  I told him this is the most "lethal-ish" thing I would ever carry so long as I carry a diaper bag.  Maybe not a cute/girly gift, but thoughtful.  He just wants me to be safe.  He seemed more anxious to try it than me...but still can't wait to try it (not on a person, just the tester ones).  Hopefully I won't ever have to use it, but it does make me feel safer about going running alone. So, you have been fairly warned...don't sneak up on me when I'm alone!

 For Keith I got him this totally sweet stingray wallet.  Anyone who knows him knows he likes exotic such things (as do I, which is something I have always loved about him).   He picked it out, which is how we do gifts for him.  It's really cool!  I also made him these.  I wrote him a letter on the "MR." one and hopefully someday this year he will write me something on the "MRS."  I kind of made up the ideal, but really like how it turned out.  It looks cooler in person.
 After our treasure hunt we went out to eat at Tandori Times, which is an Indian restaurant (probably not politically correct but Keith says " not feather" - see if you can figure it out).  We LOVE love LoVe this place.  So yummy!  We had a fabulous dinner while Keith told me about Boy's camp.  We told our waiter we were there for our anniversary.  They brought us a complimentary dessert.  It was so fun!  After dinner Keith was a little TOO excited about the taser and just wanted to go home and open it up.  So he spent the rest of the evening doodling with it and reading the manual.  I cleaned up the rest of the laundry then we went and got our kids.  We watched a movie after they were down and that was that.  Five years down...I truly wonder what is store for the next five years.

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