Thursday, June 28, 2012

5 Years - part 1

5 Years...
Keith proposed to me after one month and a day of dating/knowing each other.  It was a tad (LOT) quick for me...but it felt right.  Five months later we got married on June 2, 2007.  It was a gorgeous wedding and I loved every bit of it.  I had so much fun and look back with fondness at that glorious day.  I look at the pictures even anniversary and think we look so "young."  Boy has life changed in five years.  Keith got a bachelors (and almost his Masters), I got my masters, we have two beautiful daughters, we've moved once, and through it all...still love my best friend!  We've never done anything crazy on our anniversaries...but we always enjoy being together!  5 Years...

2007 -  I loved seeing my sweet boy all dressed up and handsome.  We were so happy that day (still are...usually)
2008 -  Don't actually have a picture of our 1st anniversary.  We didn't save our cake (it was yummy so we ate it after our honeymoon).  Keith got me some beautiful earrings and we went back to Sedona where we honeymooned and hiked.  We had a Roe reunion in Oregon late June so that was kind of our anniversary get away.
2009 - I was pregnant with Ada and we were in the middle of moving.  We had gone to visit Keith's paternal grandparents in Florida (picture above).  We got home just a few days before our anniversary and so we spent it moving into our new home.  I think we just got food to go (Jack In the Box?) and came back to finish unpacking (so romantic)

2010 -  Ada was small and we hadn't really left her before.  We went to dinner at Chili's then my sister watched Ada while Keith and I went goofy golfing together. 
2011 - I was just barely pregnant with Rue (I didn't even know yet).  The picture is from my birthday superhero thing with my family a week before.  On our actual anniversary we went and saw Thor,  We don't go to movies often so this was a treat!

2012 - 5 years later...

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