Thursday, June 28, 2012

4 Months

 Yep, sweet Rue is already 4 months old.  Cannot believe it myself! Here is Rue and Ada in comparison (I think Ada may be a few weeks older than 4 weeks exactly)

Weight - 13lbs 14 oz (60%)
Length - 25 1/2 inches (90%)
Head - 15 3/4 inches(25%)

Weight - 13 lbs (45%)
Length - 25 1/4 inches (85%)
Head - 16 inches (45%)

LaRue is my sweet Lady!!!  She is a breath of fresh air some days when 2 year oldness makes me want to just cry.  I know better what she doesn't like in her milk and that has helped her to not be as colic driven as Ada.  I think Ada would have been more content had I been more attentive to what I ate.  Rue LOVE to blow bubbles and "raspberries."  She loves to stick her right hand in her mouth.  She has very expressive eyebrows just like Ada.  Her hairs is still all there and getting very long behind her ears.  She loves to stand and is getting good at holding herself up.  She doesn't really enjoy tummy time, but is good at grabbing things.  She even found her toes to hold.  Rue still prefers to be swaddled when sleeping. However, I can swaddle her, lay her on the bed and leave.  She will usually go to sleep without any further effort.

 Rue currently likes in the kitchen.  She was too noisy sleeping in our room and not ready to chance her waking up Ada so she lives in the kitchen.  Her bassinet is very annoying to work around in our already small kitchen, but oh well.  Such is life.  We just dream of a day when living in a room for her will be possible.  Rue takes baths with her sister (in her baby tub in the big tub with sister).  Overall a pretty good baby. She has her days, but she really is pretty good.  She goes down at 10pm and I wake her at 6:30am for her first feeding.  I love this little girl so much.  I feel very close to her and love playing with her.  4 months is my favorite age and I'm loving ever second with her. 
 When we are playing she opens her mouth really wide and dives at me.  I think this is her attempt at kisses and i love it.  I love her kisses and giggles!
 Blowing her always!

I love holding these little hands!!!

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