Monday, May 28, 2012

Zoo Fun Before the Heat

 The end of April and beginning of May turned out a little warmer than we hoped for.  So, we tried to go to the zoo as often as we could before it became unbearable.  The zoo has a few splash pads there that help cool us down.  We go look at a few animals then go play in the water.  For a few weeks we could go for an hour right before it closed.  We would show up around 4pm and hardly anyone was there.  We had the splash pad nearly to ourselves.  Ada loves the little stream and basically just crawls back and forth in it. 
 One morning Keith took off work and we went to the zoo early.  Keith took Ada into the stingray exhibit and they fed them.  I had to feed LaRue so I didn't get to go in, but he said it was so fun.  Ada even touched them and fed them once. 
Ada loves the petting zoo.  Usually we don't go there because it is overflowing with kids.  However on one of our trips we ventured there.  She was ecstatic with all the goats.  Keith had fun taking pictures of her and her new friend.  They are pretty darn cute!

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