Monday, May 28, 2012

Hard Month

Keith took his last final the first week of May and I hoped...hoped that maybe we would have a little more lax time where he could work from home more.  No such luck!  Things actually got worse!  Keith was put in charge of some big research project for the city of Maricopa and it has become all consuming.  That, and he tutors a kid in Scottsdale who was struggling to pass his classes.  Parents wanted him to be tutored three times a week for three hours.  So our schedule went something like this: I work up at 6:30 to feed Rue then would go run while Keith put her down and got Ada up.  I cam home and Keith left (sometimes I had to get home before Ada woke up so he could go in early).  Keith came home just before 3pm and then left just after 3 to go tutor.  He then came home just before Ada went down or an hour after.  That was life for the last three weeks.  EXHAUSTING!!  Basically I was alone with our kiddos all day from wake up to bedtime.  It was very wearing and sometimes I really wasn't a very good mommy.  I hate when I'm so worn down I can't be patient.  This month has not been easy!  Rue has been struggling with eating a little.  She only eats one side more of the time and usually fights me to start eating.  She is a noisy sleeper so we finally moved her downstairs.  Not ready to move her in with Ada just yet, so Rue currently lives in the kitchen.  We got the flu here and that went threw each of us.  Rue and I had the mildest version.  I had been on antibiotics for a UTI and then herbs to prevent yeast infection.  I think that may have helped Rue and I not be so overcome by the illness.  Ada is still struggling to control tantrums.  Again, just a very trying month for me.  I had to look at these pictures from the beginning of the month to help me survive.  Hard times come, but in the end...I still love my girls!

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Julie Rowse said...

Boy, can I relate. Just be easy on yourself. Sometimes you just have to go into survival mode. :) Love you guys.