Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Birthday

27...I think!

Is it just me or is it getting harder to remember how old I am.  As before mention, this has been a very hard month for me.  Last year Keith was bachelor party camping on my birthday (don't recommend), so this year he made sure he was going to be here. Every so often my birthday lands on Memorial Day and this year was one of those.  To celebrate the day we got up early (well, same time for me but early for Keith and Ada) and went on a little "hike" up "A"mountain.  It isn't really a true hike, but it's something and it was short and little for Ada.  Sherry and her boyfriend Troy came with us.  Ada did fairly well.  She did want to be carried some of it, but at least she tried.  I want my girl's to have a love for hiking too.  It was enjoyable and luckily not too hot.  Afterwards we all came back here for waffles and berries.  Sherry and Troy left and we just hung around here cleaning up and getting things done.  After the girls woke up from naps, around 3pm, we went to mom and dad's for a BBQ and swimming.  Keith isn't much of a swimmer so Ada and I played in the pool.  It was a tad chilly, but still enjoyable.  Ada was massively nervous about it most of the time, but near the end she was playing and having a great time.  The food was delicious.  Then just kind of hung out together until around 8 when we headed home. 

I know I'm not THAT old, but starting to feel old.  I have been married almost 5 years (on Saturday) and have two kids.  I taught 4 years, worked at least 8 jobs and bought two cars.  I have a Bachelor's and Master's degree from NAU.  I have lived in two different locations since getting married.  I've made a quilt by myself and learned to bake bread on my own.  I've been to more than half the states (USA).  I've been inside 5 temples.
Ok, so lots more, but my "alone" time is running short.  Basically, I've been blessed with a wonderful ful life.  It may not be fance, and there are still plenty of things on my bucket list.  But, blessed none the less...and very happy

These are the girls that I love to spend time with!  Keith is going to scout camp and is gone from Tuesday till Sunday.  I'm a little scared to be alone with the two of them for 4 days.  I sound like a chicken, but it is hard to not get a break from crying or diapering children.  Should make for an interesting birthday week.  I'm 27...guess I can do this right?

 Check out those killer eyes!  Serious...she is adorable!  Don't know why both our girls have blue eyes...Keith and I both have hazel.
 Ada is a good "binker",  She loves to help when Rue is crying.

 I love this girl's face!
 sadly this one focused on the blanket.  I was trying to take pictures fast as two little kids do NOT hold still long.  Oh well...still love it!

I love LOVE little piggies!  Their feeties are so cute I just want to remember them forever!

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