Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Grandma and Great Grandma

Almost a year ago I felt the desire to spend more time with my grandma and grandpa.  Sadly, my father's parents passed away when I was young and I have few memories of them.  My maternal grandparents have always lived close by and I see them multiple times a year.  However, I wanted to build a more personal relationship with them.  My mom goes to visit them every Thursday and so I asked to join in.  Mom came by in the mornings and picked Ada and I up and together we drove out there.  Grandma told stories (Grandpa chimed in every so often) and Grandpa showed us their garden.  We helped clean when needed and did some cooking for them.  I have really loved getting to know my grandma better.  I feel so much closer to them both and really appreciate them more.  Now with Rue, things are a little more challenging and I don't get to go every week.  I know that Ada is young, but I want her to be able to be around them and share with them.  Last time we were there Grandma and my mom took Ada outside and picked Hollyhocks.  They then showed Ada how to make hollyhock dolls.  I'm so grateful for my grandparents.  I love them so much and am thankful beyond words that I have been able to spend more time with them.
 My grandparents have and AMAZING garden.  It always amazes me how wonderful all the plants look.  Grandma taught me how to prune roses earlier and now I saw the benefits of our pruning.  So amazing!
 She was being camera shy and didn't want to show us her smile for the camera.
Despite you grumpy looking face, she was actually have quite a bit of fun.  She was upset with me for taking pictures.

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Julie Rowse said...

I'm glad you're having such wonderful opportunities. I too am grateful for living close to grandparents most of my life and the relationships I have with them. It makes me want the same for my boys.