Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My girls!

Monday is one of the nights that Keith tutors (lame, because we have to have FHE super early or on Tuesdays). However, it is a chance to spend time with the girls. Granted every day is time with them, but I try to make it only play time. Not chores or try to get things done time. Yesterday (4/2/12) Ada and I had a splendid time. She wanted to have a hug/kiss war. We played around and just laughed. It was so sweet! When Rue was awake she wanted to hold her. Ada is very loving with her sister. She ALWAYS wants to hold her (until she cries). Lately she has been ad emit about holding her hand! I can't wait till they can play together! I hope they are close sisters!

LaRue is now 7 weeks! Hard to believe! I love that when I look at her...I can see some of me. She really has more Rowse than Ada does. Not that I'm playing favorites...I'm not. But it is fun to see my in her. Rue actually looks almost exactly like my niece as a baby...it's uncanny!

I wanted to get a picture of them looking at each other...but Ada took too long getting down there. Rue was tired of holding her head up. Poor thing!

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