Tuesday, April 24, 2012

LaRue's Blessing

We blessed our LaRue Sariah on Sunday April 15th.  It was a wonderful day!  Ada was so sweet and let us dress Rue up and get pictures of her before church.  She has become more smiley and cooing lately.  She smiled for me sweetly while daddy snapped pictures.  At church Keith's parents and my parents came for our ward (and my younger sister).  Just before Sacrament Meeting everyone else gathered.  We had around 30 people.  I was surprised and honored by the love and support of family and friends.

Keith bless our sweet Rue.  He mentioned having a testimony and health.  Blessing with the desire to follow Christ and marry in the temple.  It was a very loving blessing.  Keith has a strong testimony and understanding of gospel principles (one of the many things I love so much about my Keith).
My mom made LaRue's dress for us.  I put on the lace at the bottom and did the sleeves and buttons.  I really appreciate the effort she made and willingly made the dress for our girl.  We finally got a picture of the four of us.  So far..this is the first picture I have of the four of us.  Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of the rest of the group.  I was so distracted trying to keep up attending to everyone.  Keith and I are not overly social people.  Neither of us enjoy being in the spotlight and I tend to hide behind activities so people don't pay attention.  I just feel uncomfortable and awkward (as does Keith).  But, we survived.  After Sacrament Meeting (since it is last in our ward) we had appetizers at the Ramada behind the church.  We had jalapeno poppers, veggies and humus, spinach puffs with nacho cheese, and Texas caviar with chips.  It was wonderful to mix and mingle and just relax knowing it was almost over.

I wanted a few pictures with just me and Rue. I have many pictures just me and Ada, but not really this time.  Too busy I guess.  I feel a wonderful connection with LaRue.  I remember my sister telling me she was worried about loving both children when she had too.  I have such a love for Ada, I wanted to make sure I had some form of relationship with Rue.  I do.  She is so tender and loving.  She and I love to snuggle together in bed.  She smiles more for me than anyone and I love that she recognizes my voice already.  She looks very similar to me and I love cuddling with her.  She has a definite piece of my heart.  I love both of my girls!
We had the Christian family come to our home for dinner after.  Lots of people and hugs and commotion Rue was pretty wiped out at the end of it all.  She just vegged there on the couch for a while as I cleaned up.  But as soon as I came over my pumpkin smiled and got super cute!  I love her and it was a wonderful, beautiful day!  Thank you to family and friends!
This girl makes me so happy!!

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Julie Rowse said...

She is so beautiful! You guys all look so great. I'm glad you had such a wonderful day. Miss you guys!