Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Well, the week leading up to Easter proved to be another tester to motherhood. Ada had another TOUGH week; which meant mommy had a rough week. Keith had a huge project due in his class and still tutors two nights a week. So this week when Ada was super challenging Keith was gone (not that he did it on purpose) every night and day. I was alone with her from wake to bed time. IT was a testing time for our relationship. Our first evening together was Friday so we spent that coloring eggs. This was a small reprieve from tantrums. She thought this was fabulous and I was so exhausted we just stripped her down and let her help drop the eggs in. She wasn't too bad and didn't make too much of a mess. We did it outside (which we wonderful when we did at the end spill one of the cups). She would help drop the eggs in and then take off riding bikes or running around. I should feel embarrassed that my child ran around with nothing but a diaper, but I don't. We actually had a wonderful evening doing this and I LOVE the colorful eggs!

Thankfully Keith was home on Saturday. That day was very busy though. I had a baby shower in Glendale in the morning. Then we hung out at Keith's parent's home until 4pm when my mother's side did their big Easter get together. Every year the Broderick side gets together at my cousin's home and we have an Easter hunt. I love it because often times that is my only chance to see cousins besides Christmas. I was hopeful that Ada would "get" the hunt this year. She did. There were tons of eggs and so finding them wasn't too challenging. She was funny about it. Every time she found an egg Ada had to open it to make sure something was inside. She just wanted to keep finding more and more. After she had gathered a few she plopped down and just started going through them one by one. Honestly, I didn't really restrain her eating. We had butt heads ALL week and I was done. She needed her space and I needed mine. It wasn't worth the fight. Plus, she was happy and loved it. We enjoyed a delicious dinner and time with family.

Sunday, started so wonderful! We have a tradition (we did it at my house and I think it is very special) where the night before Easter while kids are asleep we tape pictures of Christ ALL over. Ada woke up and was SO excited to look at all the pictures. We then had a little hunt just for her (using her eggs from the day before). She loved looking and just found this whole morning to be delightful. Then came time to get ready for church...and the terrible twos came out!! We tried so hard to get a cute Easter picture of the girls and it just wasn't going to happen. We all ended up frustrated and so we just don't have one this year. Oh well! Church went well. The lesson in Young Women's was just what I needed. Ada was good during Sacrament meeting and we even left church fairly smoothly. We came home packed up our things for Easter dinner at my parent's and left. The dinner and evening again did not go as I had hoped! I tried to put together a fun Easter (candy) hunt for the adults (because let's face it...we still want to do it too) and then a "Spiritual Hunt" for everyone. My spiritual hunt didn't go as planned and I just felt like it was a flop. I was trying to feed Rue, kids were running around, and I don't think anyone was even paying attention. I was frustrated and discouraged! It just wasn't the ending to the day I would have liked and just cried all the way home. Oh well, I guess there will be good days and bad. This Easter may not have been so pretty, but that's ok. We survived and there is always the dream of a better one next year. We had several chances to talk with Ada about the true Easter message and that's what counts. She knows the stories to a few of the pictures we hung up and still talks about them. I love my girls. I love the gospel in my life and cannot begin to express my gratitude for my Savior. I am humbled that in my rough weeks I can think of Him and know that it could be harder. He understands my frustrations and disappointments and comforts me! I love Easter (even with a 2 year old screaming through most of it)!!!

(PS On a fabulous side/end note we woke up on Monday and all week Ada has been wonderful. Loving and kind, cheerful and snugly. We have made up for our rough week and have really been loving this week. We need the bad times I guess so we can truly appreciate and LOVE the good times)

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