Tuesday, April 17, 2012

8 weeks

Dear LaRue is now two months old. She seems so much older to me...almost as if she is no longer "baby." She is still small, just seems to be growing up so much faster than Ada. Rue loves to smile...mostly for me. She gets very happy when she hears me and I can get her to smile just about any time. She is cooing now (LOVE). She is sleeping through the night basically. She wakes up every once and a while between 4 and 5am, but once "binked" she goes back to sleep till her first feeding at 6:30am. She is very happy in the morning and this is her best smiling and talking time. Rue still loves to be swaddled and if she wiggles her arms free she is awake. She is starting to not love her swing as much. She HATES to be hot. If she is warm we can't get her to settle down or go to sleep. She is a very sweaty girl and so usually spends the afternoons naked so she isn't hot/angry. She is doing much better about being colicy. I know that certain foods don't work well with her. She doesn't like hot tomales, chocolate, or tons of dairy. However, if I eat them in small doses it doesn't bother her. Rue likes tummy time and is very good about holding her own head up. She has reached the stage where she hates sitting, she just wants to lay or stand. She still has all her hair, but it is getting lighter.
LaRue vs. Ada (at the 2 month appointment)
Weight: 11lbs 2.5oz (60%) ~ 12lbs 9 oz
Height: 23 1/4 in. (85%) ~ 24 inches
Head 15 1/4 in (50%) ~ 15 1/4 inches

Basically we have long, kind of chubby babies with little heads.

(sorry for her immodesty of these pictures...she was sweaty and we weren't going anywhere.)

Rue loves to stick out her tongue!

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