Friday, March 23, 2012

One Month

One month...Really?
It seems so strange to me that she is one month. Everyone that sees her says she looks so small, but to me she already seems so big. Her tiny head doesn't fit in my hand any more. She has changed so much already and I can't believe it. I love the newborn stage for how tiny they are, but really...I like it when they start to grow and change. I love her new look. Her eyes are so big and way more round than Ada's. Keith says her eyes look like my mom's. Rue still has all her hair but it has started to lighten. Ada's hair went very auburn. Rue's doesn't seem as red and just may end up being lighter than Ada's. Keith and I were both very blonde; even more so than Ada. LaRue can now smile more at us. She is trying very hard to coo (which I LOVE). She is eating well and sticking fairly well to her schedule. We start her feedings at 6:30am. She eats every three hours and her last official one is at 9:30pm. She then goes to bed and sleeps till 3-3:30am, eats and goes back to sleep till her 6:30 feeding. Now that we have made it to this stage of the schedule I am feeling more rested and in control of my life which is helping. She prefers to sleep in her swing. In fact, we can swaddle her (she doesn't sleep long if not swaddled), put her in the swing and then can usually leave her to fall asleep. Rue does not like to fall asleep in my arms. If has not happened very often. Usually she is too distracted if I hold her. I went to her one month appointment a week late, but here are her "stats:"
9.15 lbs
22 3/4inches

(Ada was 10.7 lbs and 22 1/2inches at a month)

I LOVE her little feet. They are so tiny and perfect. Love Ada's too, but she has wacky wavy toenails that I have no idea where they came from. Rue was born with her right tear duct clogged or something like that. It is still gooey and I'm sad I can't do anything for it. She is already getting very good at holding her own head up. She likes tummy time and for some cute reason is very soothed by singing (more so than Ada was). Keith likes to sing to her. Rue isn't a huge fan of bath time, but doesn't totally hate it. She is a pooper shooter. I've heard before of babies with projectile poops. Ada never did. Rue has gotten Keith and I both already (more for Keith). We have given her a bottle twice. Once was formula because she for some reason would not nurse, but was massively hungry. We think it may be from me eating chocolate. I cut it out completely for a while, not I just eat a very little bit if I do and make sure not to eat it too close to bed time. She seems to be ok with that. That's pretty much all right now. She is slowly learning and growing and I can't wait till she giggles!

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