Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ada=2 year old

Life is finally feeling settled in and more normal. I have even ventured a few places by myself (Costco, Fry's, Walmart and Post Office). Ada loves holding LaRue and talking to her. She even tried to hold her on her shoulder like mommy and burp her. Super cute! I love this first picture because Rue looks like some creepy monster attacking Ada. The next shows how Ada loves to hold Rue's hand. She wants so badly for Rue to hold her hand back. The couch one actually is too sweet to capture. I was folding laundry on the floor and looked up to see Ada on the couch by Rue trying to share her toys. She was showing them to her and trying to explain how to make them work. It was so precious! The last one was a day we dressed them both in brown polka dots. Ada was so excited to match Rue. She likes to have LaRue lay on her chest like she does with Keith.

Ada has been a bit neglected in the photo's of late so here is an update on her.
She LOVES tea parties (I'm so proud). Her new thing is to get the stool, put a blanket on it as her table cloth and then set up everything. She also loves to wear her "bapron" while she plays with her tea set. Next, she LOVES her Mickey Mouse cards. Her favorite for some reason is Donald Duck. She takes them everywhere is spends time (quietly) putting them in and out of purses. Super cute.

I was very worried about how Ada would adjust to her new life. She really loves her sister. However...she is still 2! I've heard that 3 is worse than 2. If that is the case...I'm in BIG trouble! She has mastered the tantrum lately and it has been a challenge learning how best to deal with things. I pray every morning for patience with her. The days that I get good sleep (around 5 hours) then I feel much more in control. We had a problem the second week where all Ada wanted to do was dump ALL her toys and then refuse to help clean up. We have tried several tactics and charts to try and help her be motivated. Some worked better than others. There were a few days things were very difficult with her (plus Rue wasn't sleeping well) that I really felt disappointed with Ada. I started feeling like I had the worst kids and that I was doomed to always struggle. I really had a rough few days and then I learned something. My actions and attitude caused lots of the problems. If I put aside things that took away time from Ada, if I played with her, talked nicely, hugged and kissed her...our day was better. She spoke nicer to me, she obeyed (sometimes), she would play with me. I think because LaRue is SO dependent on me I tried to force Ada to be too independent. I had expectation that are not suited for a 2 year old. My mom gave me good advice..."She is only 2, she is still a baby. Let her be little and just let things go. Choose your battles, and let the rest go." I needed to not focus on the fact that Ada fights every time it's clean up time. Sometimes I just need to hug her and read a book and clean up some of the things myself when she is asleep. That's ok right now and I just need to learn to pick battles and not get frustrated over everything. She is only 2...she isn't an adult yet.

We have started working a little on potty training. She still isn't totally interested. She does got in the potty about once a day. She is starting to speak in more complete sentences. She is very good at saying "please" and "thank you." She LOVES the color yellow, but is learning to recognize the other colors. She likes to put on her own clothes, and often wants to only wear pjs. She likes to wear my shoes, or her Cinderella dress up shoes. She is still a fabulous eater (even of her veggies). She still sleeps in her crib because she doesn't climb out. She helps me take the dishes out of the dishwasher. Her favorite movie is Tangled and she asks to watch it ALL the time. One day she and I went on an outing together for bonding time and got her a Tangled cup (88 cents at Walmart). She doesn't let a day go by without using it. She loves princess things.

Ada loves to be next to LaRue. She was actually being very nice in the picture, Rue was just cranky. I just loved the burrito baby picture of Rue. I am trying to have Ada help me with things for LaRue so she feels involved and not left out. She loves helping with bath time
Ada isn't always bad. Above makes her sound like a monster and as if the past several weeks have been nightmarish. They really haven't. They have been better than I was expecting. I have been trying really hard to still make time every day for Ada. The more I do with her, the better she behaves and we have fun together. Below was a play day at the park. We had that rough week (mentioned above) and then I realized my need to pay more attention. We had so much fun playing on the slides. It was such a wonderful beginning to our week...then she got sick. Ada has a tendency to strip down when she is in bed and must have gotten cold or something. She got a very bad cold and cough. She even had a temperature of 102 for a day. It was dreadful! She was SO miserable it just broke my heart! We made her a "sick bed" on the couch and even let her watch movies during the day. She just laid there and her poor sick eyes won her all kinds of abnormal luxuries. Below is a picture of her in her sick bed. So sad! She was pretty sick for about 3-4 days and then started showing more normal behavior. So glad to have her better. She still has a cough every once and a while, but hoping that goes away soon too.

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