Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine Decorations

After I finished my quilt for Ada I decided to keep busy with TONS of other projects to help pass the time. I first decided to decorate for the "holiday." I will be the first to admit...I actually don't really like Valentine's Day. It's just not my favorite. However, I do like the idea of taking time to tell someone you care about them. Anyway, I decided to make some decorations to make it a little more fun this year.

First: I have a fabulous sister/mom tradition that whenever one of us has a birthday we get together, have lunch or dinner together and then make some craft together. It's a great chance to bond and just have crafty time together (without boys or kids). So, for my younger sister's birthday we made the "rose bush" thing. Super easy and luckily not many decisions (if you know my family we are incredibly indecisive and decisions often take WAY too much effort). We had a great time making this, all you need is felt, stick dowel, pot (we got our's at the dollar section at Target), and then Styrofoam to stick the stick into.

Next to it is my yarn balls. I blew up little water balloons, then using yarn and paper mach ache I covered the balloons with the yarn. Honestly, they didn't turn out as fab as I wanted, but it was my first shot at it.
Next: I made this heart garland. I used this site (pinterest!)
However, my tip is, use either a very stiff felt or wool would be better. Up near the tops the hearts slide and loose their shape. Just my two cents!

Next: My mom had her birthday so another craft day. My sister found this (I think on pinterest) and we made these. It's just papers, frame, and then all kinds of embellishments. We had a good time just being creative with this one.

Next: again, nothing special, but it adds a little to meal time. I used that craft foam stuff and just cut out hearts. I attached them and hung them from the light. Nothing grand, but I actually like it.

So, that was my valentine crafties. More on the next set of crafties...more baby related!

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