Friday, February 24, 2012

LaRue Sariah (part 1)

This may be a tad long. I'm silly I guess but I like to read about how things go when a new baby comes. I guess it makes me feel connected to the person or then I just don't have to ask when I see them. Not really sure. If you aren't interested in the details, that's ok. There are pictures too.

January 30th I went in for my check up. The Doctor (Beck) checked and I was dilated to a two. Honestly, I was rather surprised. I had had one day of pretty consistent uncomfortable contractions and that was it. (It was the day my sisters and mom and all the kids went to the zoo for a day trip. It was a hard day to have so many contractions, but we pushed our way around the zoo). Dr. Beck said at that appointment he would wait and see how that week went and if nothing happened he would strip my membranes the next week. Ada was late, so I was shocked that things were actually happening early. I tried really hard to keep busy that week and not get my hopes up. Easier to convince myself mentally that she was going to be late than to be disappointed when she wasn’t early.

February 6th was my next appointment. Dr. Beck checked again to see how things were going. I hadn’t really had too many contractions and nothing super uncomfortable. He said that I was at a 3, effacing and that she had dropped. He said he would be surprised if I made it to my next appointment (not helping my mental game of trying to plan on being late so as not to get my hopes up). He asked if I wanted my membranes stripped. I asked him if he thought it would be forcing things to start if they weren’t ready. He assured me that if my body was ready this would start it, if not, nothing would happen. Ada was late, but it was a fairly quick delivery (6 hours). I didn’t want to force it and then end up in the hospital trying to deliver for hours. I decided to go ahead and try it this time. I was very hopeful that things would happen. They didn’t. I finished all my projects early in the week and then was left to just wait. Not my favorite! Basically every night I had contractions on and off all night, but never consistent and they always stopped during the day.

I was feeling a tad disappointed and frustrated by Saturday. Sunday I awoke not very excited that I made it to another Sunday “still pregnant.” I actually did have contractions on and off all day. A tad weird to have contractions at church, but survived that too. Mom invited us to dinner and even to spend the night so that we could be closer to the hospital just in case. I was starting to feel quite desperate. I REALLY did not want to have her on Valentine’s day and was starting to think that she was holding out till then just to spite me. Dinner was delightful and we had a great time…but no baby. We went home to sleep because I just needed to not get my hopes up.

(Sunday Feb. 12th - 40 weeks)

My contractions continued all night randomly. Around 4 am they stopped. I have to admit (and Keith mocks me) I was rather angry. I told him she wasn’t coming and stormed back to bed. I think I’m allowed a little drama at that point. I woke up just after 6am with a massive contraction. Keith grabbed the phone and started timing. They were 10 minutes apart, but boy were they intense and long. We decided to get up and get things together. The contractions shortened in length but were closer. Keith suggested walking to make sure they kept going. I REALLY didn’t want to. It was between 6:30 and 7am and people were out in the complex getting off to work. I really did not want to be seen by people I know, or don’t know, laboring and so yucky feeling. Keith talked me into it with the thought of getting this over with and having it done. We made it around the mailboxes, but that was all I could handle. My contractions had slowed down again, but were long in length and intense. We made it home with the intent of going to the hospital. We walked in only to seconds later hear Ada screaming. I’m sure she had a bad dream or something because she was awake an hour early and quite upset. Keith got her and brought her to me to kiss bye. It was a tad emotional, but I’m glad I was able to hold her a few seconds. Keith took her next door to our wonderful neighbors. We called my sister to let her know Ada was next door (She was our plan to take Ada during the day since Ada is so use to being with her all the time anyway). We then headed out.

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Awww don't leave me hanging! I love birth stories! Hope you're doing well.