Saturday, February 25, 2012

LaRue (part 3)

Ada in the hospital 2009

LaRue in hospital 2012

My mom showed up before they had even finished cleaning LaRue up. It was very nice to have her there. She was SO excited and it just helps to boost my energy to have a new excited person in the room. She brought me a beautiful orange/peach rose. We all just enjoyed the sweet baby for a bit. Keith ordered me some food and then needed to go get something himself. Mom stayed with me while he went to find somewhere to eat. While he was gone they moved me from the labor room to my recovery room. I delivered at Banner Gateway. My room had a window looking out at the gardens you can walk around in. It was very calming and peaceful to look at.

Packing up to move to that delivery room was a tad bit humorous. Mom was helping and the nurse was so abrupt and almost rude with my mom. We had this nurse with Ada and she just isn’t the tender loving nurse you would expect in a pediatric section of a hospital. Oh well, she and mom managed to get me and LaRue moved to the room.

We rested and had a few visitors throughout the afternoon. Of course, the BEST visitor was Ada. Mom and Sherry came over around 4pm with her. Sadly the nurses were doing some checking and trying to help me with some stuff. It wasn't exactly how I had envisioned for the first few minutes, but oh well. We made sure that we weren't holding the baby when she came in. However, Ada is VERY protective of me. She started crying and freaking out seeing me in the bed. They were working on taking out the IV and Ada was rather frantic. She wouldn't touch me and just cried to Keith. They she saw the baby bed and all she could focus on was baby. Mom helped her to look while I was being attended too. Once I was situated again we finally coaxed Ada that I was ok and to sit me with to hold the baby. It was very special to me to hold both my girls. We looked at LaRue together and then passed her to mom when Ada started getting fidgety. Of course, then Ada had to follow over to mom. She just wanted to hold her baby. Ada and I did get a few minutes to snuggle and read a story together. I just wanted to spend time with her.

We had Keith's parents visit in the evening and my parents came back as well (so my dad could meet LaRue). I was rather worried about the night because our first night was Ada was a NIGHTMARE! She screamed the entire night; it was horrible. LaRue slept 3-4 hour blocks. The only reason I woke her up was because the nurse kept coming in and bugging me about waking her to feed. Rather annoying.

The next day we were quite anxious to get released and just go home! I wanted Ada to be with us and just be able to be home. I hate waiting to get released. It always seems to take forever! We FINALLY were able to leave just before 1pm. We picked up Ada at Andrea's and went home as a family of 4.

It was finally done! We had made it through and now it was time to adjust! Happy Valentine's Day! We spent the evening together as a family and it was wonderful!!

Keith LOVES Krispy Kreams and since it is right by the hospital he bought some for us to take home. This was our Valentine treat. Keith and I did have a little Valentine exchange this year...but more on that later.


Missy said...

the longer the birth story, the better! Congrats on your new little girl:)

Christie said...

I loved reading this! You have such a gorgeous family. I'm so happy things went well. You guys are the best!