Friday, February 24, 2012

LaRue Sariah (part2)


Luckily the hospital is the opposite direction of most traffic. We left just after 7am and got there around 7:30. I started to panic on the drive there because my contractions continued to get farther and farther spaced. I just didn’t want to get there and have them send me home. Sign in at the hospital was much better this time. Keith took care of getting us signed in and such. The registration lady was much more conscientious of the fact I was in labor. They quickly got me back to triage. The nurses were very nice and told me they would most like keep me and not send me home. They tried to check me. My cervix is very high and tipped back. The nurse’s had some problems checking and it wasn't fun. They finally checked and I was dilated to 6-7. The first IV collapsed and they had to try again. Everyone was so kind in trying to hurry things along to get me back to the labor room and epidural. I was a tad nervous when I met the lady doing the epidural. She was older and I worried how steady she would be. Mean maybe, but something that concerned me. She was fantastic. She was so informative and explained exactly what was going on and talked me through things. I really appreciated that! Sometimes I wonder if I would want to do it without the epidural. However, in the moment I can’t wait for it. Then when it finally kicks in…I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t. I can calm down and just be excited about things happening. It is also far less stressful to Keith. Keith did very well and didn’t get faintish this time (last time he got sick, but because it had been several stressful late hours).

Dr. Beck showed up and checked me. I had dilated to 8-9 (the epidural was finally kicking in and I was able to smile again). He broke my water and then said he’d see me soon to finish up. I was surprised he left. I’m thinking I’ve only got maybe 45 minutes left, but he left and the nurses said to call if I needed anything and left as well. I didn’t have the epidural turned on very high and definitely felt contractions more than with Ada. After maybe 20 minutes I felt the need to be checked but was too chicken to call the nurses. I really thought they would look in more. Oh, the labor nurse was the exact same one I had with Ada. Finally after an hour of being alone Keith talked me into ringing for the nurse. She came in and checked. I was ready to push...if only I had called sooner! She had me push twice and then said she was calling the doctor. It was just after 9:35am. The nurse had me roll onto my side and just wait for the doctor. HORRIBLE! LaRue was crowning and just sitting there holding on was massively uncomfortable and painful. Dr. Beck showed up and three pushes later she was out…9:58am.

The first thing I saw was her beautiful hair. It was a very emotional few moments. I had struggled a lot emotional during this pregnancy and this was finally the moment that makes it worth it. Keith cut the cord and they gave me my baby. She felt so tiny and small. I noticed right away that she had a precious dimple on her right check. I got my hairy and dimpled baby; just what I hoped for. She weighed 8.1 pounds and was 21 inches long. Keith stayed by LaRue while Dr. Beck took care of me. Apparently the epidural had worn off more than I had thought (the pushing was more intense than with Ada) and they had to give me a shot so they could stitch me up. There was a lot more work done down there this time, but I was busy watching my tiny baby. LaRue was very covered with the white filmy stuff. She had a massive double chin and did not open her eyes very much. She cried while they were cleaning her up and such, but after that she calmed down and hardly made a noise for several hours.

My mom showed up before they had even finished cleaning her up. It was very nice to have her there. She was SO excited and it just helps to boost my energy to have a new excited person in the room. She brought me a beautiful orange/peach rose. We all just enjoyed the sweet baby for a bit. Keith ordered me some food and then needed to go get something himself. Mom stayed with me while he went to find somewhere to eat. While he was gone they moved me from the labor room to my recovery room. I delivered at Banner Gateway. My room had a window looking out at the gardens you can walk around in. It was very pretty. Packing up to move to that delivery room was a tad bit humorous. Mom was helping and the nurse was so abrupt and almost rude with my mom. We had this nurse with Ada and she just isn’t the tender loving nurse you would expect in a pediatric section of a hospital. Oh well, she and mom managed to get me and LaRue moved to the room.

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Haylee said...

I love your story! Thanks for sharing. I love to read birth stories. I hope I can have a story similar to yours one day. You now have 2 gorgeous girls! Love it.

And oh my gosh... some nurses are ridiculous. So pushy. When we were about to check out, one of them said that it would be best if we left before the shift change because it would be easier on THEM. Whatever. Who cares what is easier for the one who just had a baby cut out of her? haha.