Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ada's Photo Shoot

At our doctor's office I was given a bag with coupons and such when we went in for our first appointment. I found the bag a few weeks ago and found inside a coupon to get pictures done at Sear's. I've never taken Ada any where to do pictures because her daddy takes wonderful photographs of her. The coupon was for one 10x13, 5x7, four wallets and a cd of the one chosen picture all for $10 (no sitting fee). We decided for 10 dollars we could splurge and get one professional photo. I called and set up the appointment. The night before Ada's appointment she apparently got sick and was throwing up all over her bed. I felt terrible that morning bathing her and making her get dressed up to go do pictures. She didn't have any symptoms or any problems that morning. So, we went to our appointment. Honestly...I was a tad disappointed. The guy taking the pictures was the only on in the office. Therefore, every time someone came into the office or called he left to take care of it. Um...2 year olds do NOT wait very patiently. The guy wasn't super aggressive about getting her to look or smile so she didn't for the first SEVERAL pictures. I was getting rather frustrated and discouraged. After the "shoot" which was way shorter than I thought he told us to come back in an hour to look at them. When I came back there was another lady there trying to get her pictures too. It was crazy and insane and not excited with how little editing was done. Basically all they did was make it black and white, fuzzy, antique. That's it. I do more editing on photos then that. Whatever, they guy said he felt bad about how crazy our session was so he let me pick three pictures to put on our cd instead of the one. Nice! So, I got three on my cd and picked the middle one for my prints. I'm not MASSIVELY impressed, but it was worth 10 dollars. Yipee for cute pictures of my nutty lady!

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