Monday, January 30, 2012

December Wrap Up

Obviously December is a very busy month. We tried our best to stay on top of things, but really...we just survived! Here is a brief overview of events after Ada's birthday and our snow trip. First of all...I decided I wanted to make Ada a Christmas skirt. I've been spending time with my grandmother and she was telling me how when she learned to sew they didn't have patterns. They just created things. So, I wanted to try and do that with Ada's skirt. Shockingly it turned out and I actually LOVE it! She wore it tons! The next pictures is just of Ada being cute wearing her daddy's boots. She likes to put on other people's shoes. It was pretty funny to watch her try and walk in them.
We did make it as a family to see the temple lights. Ada didn't last long, but it was still enjoyable! I love taking her to the temple and talking about the real meaning of Christmas. She now calls all pretty castle-ish buildings temples.

With daddy home a bit more we had fun going to the zoo a few times. We have a membership so just going for a few hours is ok. We went one pretty chilly morning and surprising ALL the animals were out and active. We were booking it around and basically saw the entire zoo (almost) in 2 hours. It was fabulous...minus the pains I had later from it. The next picture was just funny. Ada likes to have an opinion now at times when it comes to clothes. This is a picture of her dressing herself. And yes, the "skirt" is a shirt

My family has the tradition of acting out the nativity story on Christmas Eve. We have done it all my life and now we do it with our kids. Mom and I worked to sew better costumes for this year and it was fun to see them in use. Ada was a darn cute angel and Keith was a Wise Man. Ada was quite the laugh in her Angel picture. Instead of holding out her hands in an angelic pose she put them out and looked more like Frankenstein. It was pretty funny. She was tad confused by everything, but with time she may come to love it as we did.

Christmas this year was with my family. With it being on Sunday we decided to actually stay the night at my parent's house. So we spend Christmas Eve doing the Nativity and then was able to just hang out and play games. We put Ada down and then played games with Sherry, David and my parents. It was fun an we really had a good time. The night went fairly well. We got a little warm (I think because we haven't turned on our heater so to have it on felt very hot). Overall, it was nice. We woke up early and Keith and I got mostly ready for church. Then Ada woke up and we had fun watching her come downstairs to her new (used) tricycle and stroller. She was SO THRILLED!! It was perfect for her and she loved her gifts. We went to church with my parents and then just had a totally chill relaxed day. It was so calm and I just loved not feeling stressed to get anywhere or anything. We just had a nice time. We were of course happy to be home and get settled. I know Christmas isn't all about the gifts, but I was very blessed this year. My sweet husband got me a sewing rotary cutter and board (SO EXCITING) and he even surprised me and got me a rifle (.22). I also got cake decorating times and we got a family popcorn popper from my sister. It was FABULOUS! I feel so very blessed! What a wonderful Christmas! So peaceful!The rest of the month we had fun with just being a family and getting ready for baby! We got the crib set up and all the baby stuff out of storage. My oldest sister and her family came into town and we had many activities with them. New Year's was ok. Keith decided that he REALLY wanted to go out with my brother-in-law who is a cop and do a ride along. Bummer for me; I was alone! No fun, but I joined my family and tried to pass the time. Welcome 2012! It will be a crazy year! Can't wait for all the new adventures.

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Erin said...

Ada's skirt is so cute! You've been sewing a ton lately! I've been thinking of making a ruffle skirt for awhile. I might just have to do Christmas ones next year!