Monday, January 30, 2012

December Snow Trip

Keith works on campus for the Transportation Engineering department. Basically all of his co-workers are from India so we have fun showing them new things in America. We decided to make a day trip up to Flagstaff and show a few of them snow. It was an ok drive up (Ada really isn't a huge fan of the car). We got up there and headed towards Snowbowl. We went to an actually sledding hill instead so that we were sure there were snowy hills. Ada thought is was very fun to get all dress up, but actually didn't really like the snow. Keith and I both took her on the sled downhill a few times, but she was very anxious. The snow was old so it didn't work to build a snowman. So, Ada lasted about 40 minutes and then decided to scream non stop until we got out of the snow. She and I ended up hanging out in the van while Keith took his co-workers sledding on the "big" hill. We then went into town and got some lunch and headed home. A very short trip, but so wonderful to be back in Flagstaff. That place is magical to me. I have so many fond memories of living there and love so many aspects of that city. I'm glad we were able to make a short trip with Ada and at least try to get her to play in it.

Ada playing in the car because she didn't like being in the snow. Just before she went down with prego mommy. Daddy pulling her around on the sled

my cute family!

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