Sunday, December 18, 2011


I feel bad that I didn't more about what I'm thankful for. I feel like November was just super fast and that I didn't want to take the time on the computer.

I did however finally start a new family tradition. In my family my mom made these "We Are Thankful" posters for every year. Each poster just had some pictures and written down things that our family was grateful for that year. I loved that we had these fun posters to look at each year and laugh about things we had written or our funny old pictures. This year I used several "freebies" to get pictures printed from our past almost 5 years. I put together my posters and am now caught up. Each year I will make a new poster to display with the others for the month of November. It is my favorite season and I truly am so grateful for my many blessings.

This year was Thanksgiving with the Christians. Keith was SUPER excited about his mom's creamed onions. We went over in the later morning. We went for a walk with his parents and then just hung around the rest of the day. Other family members came over and it was nice to see everyone. The day was cloudy, but nice so we let the kids just play outside. Ada is slightly bigger than her two little cousins, but she played fairly nice. She loves to be outside especially when she is able to push her stroller around. It was a very low key day. And, being prego I can't just eat and eat or I feel sick. So I was never over stuffed and actually didn't gain a single pound that whole week. Go me!

Ada LOVES to play with her cousin. These's a bit of an age difference, but he is so good with her and she loves him. So cute!
Ada playing outside with the strollers. I was so excited about her turkey shirt. She kept saying it was her bird shirt.

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