Sunday, December 18, 2011

Family Pictures

With the coming season of Christmas Cards we decided it was time to get an updated picture of us to send. Honestly, my pregnancy makes ME not really want to be in many pictures, but.... tis the season right? So, when we went to my parent's house for Sunday dinner in November my dear younger sister took some pictures. We weren't going for professional or anything. Just wanted a fun new picture of us. Here are some of the cute ones. Ada was rather tricky and of course really had no intention of cooperating.

Here is sweet lady running around outside after we gave up taking pictures.

Ada LOVES to run and play outside. I LOVE the pure pleasure on her face here. She is beautiful!
This was our keeper for the cards. Not a huge fan of the prego me, but guess that's ok.

This is actually my favorite picture of the whole thing. I have been undecided about growing my hair out. Basically just being lazy about getting it cut. Ada has taken a new fascination with my hair. She loves to brush it and hold my hair. A few times she has even asked to hold my hair as she falls asleep for naps. Here she had decided to start stroking my hair and it was just so darn cute. But, we figured it wasn't "formal" enough or whatever for our Christmas card. However, still my favorite picture.

This one was ok, but still not our best smiles. Oh well...we tried right!

Here is our final product. Keith did the editing and creating of the card. He loves to make things in photoshop. It's quite handy and I think it turned out great

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