Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ada Turns 2


Just 2 short years ago I got to hold for the first time the most incredible thing in my life. I LOVE this picture...just moments tiny...all mine...words can't touch how sacred that moment was and still is in my mind!
She has been changing so much over the past several weeks. She is far more independent and stubborn. She wants to do everything on her own and now loves to use the words "NO" and "MINE." Not my favorite new developments, but we are working on it. She is not a baby anymore. She can talk and carry on conversations (that sometimes only I understand). She runs, climbs, jumps (a very recent talent), dances and jumps off the bottom stair. She is obsessed with doll play and is always carrying around a baby that she treats as if it is alive. If she doesn't have her baby, she has a stuffed animal. She likes to play feed them and take care of them. She can count to 10 (sometimes she misses 4, but she can do it by her self if I start her). Ada loves to sing primary songs. Her favorites have been: Popcorn, My Hands, Snowman, I'm A Child of God, and Teach Me to Walk in the Light. We have the CDs in the car and she sings along to most of the songs. If she is having a tantrum and struggling to get a grip we sing one of these and she is able to calm down. She likes to say the prayer now (also known as "blessing" when it is with a meal). She loves to sleep with her blankie(s) and bear. She likes to carry purses stashed full of random things. Ada has used the potty several times, but not consistent enough yet to really buckle down and push the underwear. She does like to read books (as long as she gets to hold the book). She tends to be very adamant about picking our her own shoes to wear. Coloring is one of her favorite things to do. We are pretty sure that she is left handed (everything is done with left except eating she uses both hand). She is annoying obsessed with playing in the sink. She likes to play with the water and says that she is washing her hands. Her favorite color seems to be yellow, or maybe that is just the only color she wants to remember. She still sleeps in a crib, but she doesn't climb out so there she will stay hopefully until long after the baby comes. She has run away from me a few times at the store, but never too far (far enough for me to panic and abandon my cart to chase her down). She weighs about 27-28 pounds. That's the update on her I guess at age 2.

On her birthday Keith had gone on a shooting trip so it was just us in the morning. I want to do the whole wrap the door and let the kids charge through. I think it is cute, so we did a little one this time. She was a tad tentative at first and then enjoyed knocking down the strips one at a time. Ada LOVES waffles and it is the easiest breakfast to get her to eat. So we made waffles together and even put berries and whipped cream on them. Of course we added candles and just had a delightful breakfast together.
Her birthday photo shoot. She was a tad silly, but still some good pictures of our toddler.
We then played with each other and balloons until Keith got home and his parents came over. We spend some time with them and then had Ada blow out the candles on her cupcake. Her blowing skills are great and she had to get some help, but she does know how to blow.

Sadly I had to work in the afternoon. Keith apparently wanted to go to a gun show so he went with Ada and our neighbor and their son. Somehow they got separated and so our poor neighbor ended up with Ada and his son in the double stroller and Keith found them later. Hopefully she doesn't feel abandoned or anything. We had pizza for dinner and then took her to Petsmart to let her pick out a beta fish. That was our gift to her. She loves fish (well, all animals really) and had so much fun watching all the fish. We got a beautiful $.99 blue beta that when we asked Ada his name she said "Yellow." SO our blue beta is names Yellow. It was a nice day. Truly hard to believe that this little monkey is already two, and at the same time that she is only 2. I feel like she has always been apart of our lives. I can't imagine life without her. I love her so very much!

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