Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vertuccio Farms

On Groupon (email coupons for things to do around the city) we got a deal package to go to Vertuccio Farms. They have a little set up for the season of Fall/Halloween. It is a little bit smaller farm, so it was more geared towards smaller children. Which was perfect for us. We got in the deal four adult passes and kids under 4 are free. So, we set up a date with Teresa and Tyler so that Kenna and Ada could be together. We went on Monday the 24th in the morning. It looked like it was going to be a very sunny warm day, but surprisingly a few clouds moved in and it was fairly nice. We where only there 1.5-2 hours, but it was just perfect for us. Ada was worn out and done by the end (as was I) and it was just a wonderful time to spend together...daddies included! I love it when we get to do fun things together with Keith.

They had this balloon thing that was attached to the ground that you could walk/jump on. Daddies LOVED to play with the kids on this. It was pretty cool!
There was a little hay maze for smaller kids. There was a corn maze as well, but we didn't do that. Ada wouldn't have really understood and just gotten frustrated. She was frustrated enough with this one. She kept screaming out Kenna's name and trying to find her. It was cute to see them try to find each other.
Ada's favorite was the "cow ride." A tad bit of a squeeze for us giants, but boy was she happy. Ada smiled and drove that wheel like crazy the WHOLE time. She was quite upset when it was over. She truly loves to drive!

This was the little bounce house especially for kids under 5. Ada and Kenna had it all to themselves and jumped for quite some time. Here is Ada getting into the "cow ride." She was a tad leery of it until it started moving and she realized she got to drive.Cute country side looking pictures of the girls.
There was this wood cow set up with a water bucket for udders. Then you could pretend to milk the cow. It was fairly realistic and again, leery at first but then couldn't leave it alone. The bottom picture is Ada look up in between the wooden cow
This was at the entrance. The girls were so cute together walking around. Ada didn't like the hammer thing. The noise frightened her.
Pumpkins!! Ada LOVES pumpkins. She wanted to pick up every pumpkin.

Fall is my favorite season so I was grateful we were able to do this and pretend it was fall season...even though it is still quite hot here in Mesa, AZ. I can't wait for it to cool off and then we can really enjoy being outside!

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