Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

Saturday October 29th was our ward party. But, it turned into a rather fiasco of a night. Keith and our neighbor are getting ready for their hunting trip and that morning went down to their sight (near Tombstone) to scout out the area. My neighbor (the wife) and I work together on Saturday afternoons at a tutoring company. The men were suppose to be back before 3pm so we could go to work and then they would take all the kids to the ward party. We got a call from them around 12 that there was a car situation and they would be late..2 hours late! I called Andrea, who lives only a block away, and she agreed to thankfully take Ada and have her join their family at the ward party. I felt terrible leaving her on such a crazy night to fend for herself. She gets concerned when things are strange and I'm sure all the weird costumes was worrisome to her. Keith made it to the ward party around 5:15 and I got there 15 minutes later. We enjoyed the last 20 minutes of the the party and went home. We had invited a couple out to it so afterwards they came over and played games (since WE hadn't even been at the party we invited them to).
Halloween proved much more fun. Keith and I recently got a zoo pass (split with my sister) so in the morning we took Ada to the zoo for a few hours. We have a year pass so it was ok to just mosey around and not see everything. We had fun dressing up together in the evening together and then meeting up with the Gordons to go trick-or-treating. Again...Ada was very concerned by this, but did eventually calm down and LOVED getting the candy. She was SO proud of every piece she got and had to show me. We were all pretty worn out from the walking of the day, but overall a fun Halloween. I have decided that holidays are way more fun now with our own family. Kids make the holidays more interesting and exciting. I love that Ada was able to do more this year and we could enjoy it with her.

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