Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Baby Girl #2

22 Weeks!
20 Weeks!
This pregnancy has had some different challenges from the last. I seem to struggle more mentally/emotionally with this one. I kind of knew from the beginning that it was a girl just because I felt emotionally out of control. I have struggled mentally with this baby. The first trimester was worse, and I am finally feeling very excited about this baby. I can't wait to meet her and am already anxious to be done.

Things I have craved:
canned soups/ramen noodles (yuck normally)
pickles (normal..I always want pickles)
oriental food
spicy foods/spicy hummus

I do have to admit...physically this pregnancy has been much better. I am not working 50+ hours a week this time and so feel far less stressed and strained. I am able to still run and feel I can eat better this time around. With Ada I was always at work so I had to eat whatever was available and basically never "worked out" other than walking, standing and occasionally climbing stairs at work. It was about this time in my pregnancy that I first passed out. I am proud to say I haven't yet. I do still struggle with getting dizzy and felt rather close during Sacrament Mtg this past week. But, my goal is to not pass out this time. I am alway working better at eating right and not gaining unnecessarily. I just want to be healthier overall with this one so I can be ready to take care of two afterwards.

My due date is February 13th and it is a little girl. We try to talk to Ada about "our baby" often and she knows to pat my tummy, but I don't think she really understands. She LOVES baby dolls so maybe that will help. However, I'm anticipating a hard adjustment for her. She does NOT like me to hold other babies. I can feel her moving now every day often and it makes it more exciting. I am so blessed to have both my little girls and I can't wait to see them together!


Missy said...

congrats! Girls are so fun, but you already know that. How fun for Ada to have a little sister. Glad you are feeling good and haven't passed out!

Chris and Kristy said...

A big congratulations to you and your growing family! Such exciting and happy news. Every baby is a miracle. Hope the pregnancy goes quick and healthy for you.

Nichole said...

How is this the first I have heard about this?!?! Oh my gosh congratulations!!!!!

Erin said...

Congratulations! I've been getting snippets from facebook but I don't think you've said much on here! Here's hoping this pregnancy is easier than last time!

Melody said...