Tuesday, September 13, 2011

End of Summer

I have to admit I rather hate summertime in Phoenix. It's so hot and miserable that I can't stand to go outside. Which equals...cabin fever! I get rather itchy to cool down and be able to go outside again. The whole month of July was pretty busy. Once we got back from California I started up with summer school tutoring at the company I work for. I was originally set up to teach the SAT reading course, but wasn't thrilled about that. Luckily my fabulous neighbor works there too and she was willing to switch her elementary and junior high kids for thee class. I had two classes three times a week. Not going to lie...it was busy, but I needed the distraction. I'm so grateful for that opportunity and it helped to pass the time quickly in July. August, was a little slower! Here was how we made it through the last bit of summer.

Ada's new favorite hiding spot

Ada can model, dance, sing, talk, climb and loves to accessorize!

One Sunday night we decided to make cookies as a family. It was the best family night in a long time. Ada helped make the dough and even loved helping roll them out of the trays. Once they had cooled after cooking we got ourselves mugs of milk and taught Ada how to dunk her cookie. I think it was the first time we had actually let her eat a whole cookie by herself. What a wonderful evening!

Who doesn't LOVE summer corn on the cob season! Ada sure enjoyed it!

When I get home from work Ada loves to dress up in my work vest, pack a bag and pretend to leave. She is so funny, and we sure love how she says "bye."

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