Thursday, September 22, 2011


I've been feeling the need to be "creative" or at least attempt to. So here are some pictures of things I've made this month:

A very busy and exhausting month! But lots of good products and results!


Packer Family said...

Love how you slipped your little person in there!!! For sure, the best "creation" of the bunch! Everything eles is super cute too!

Erin said...

So excited for your sneaky little announcement!!! I thought I'd heard you were expecting again! Can't wait to hear more details. And I want more details on the "it's a birthday" board... you have been a busy little crafter!

Haylee said...

Yay! Maybe you'll pop out another cute little "Keith"!

Sherry said...

you finished the candy jar! which glass vase did you end up using?

p.s. I love that there is a picture of the baby in there