Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wedding in California

I will admit I was very anxious about this trip, and it proved to be a true prediction. We wanted to take Ada so we could show her the ocean for the first time. She basically despises the car which we knew would be tricky. She isn't much into movies because we don't let her watch them much (at least I don't...daddy does), but we decided to borrow my sister's portable dvd as back up in the car. We packed everything up and were ready to leave early Thursday morning. Oh, we were going to Newport beach to see Keith's friend Dan get married. As predicted...Ada SCREAMED at least half of the 6 hours up there. It was fantastic...NOT! I of course also struggle in the car thanks to motion sickness so it was a hard drive doubly for me. Alas, we made it there in one piece. Keith's wonderful friend was letting us stay at their condo (even though they were on vacation) and it was so wonderful. We were able to get settled in and not have to pay for accommodations. We got there around 6pm and were rather hungry. Keith ran out to Subway to get some dinner while I finished getting us settled and recovered from my motion sickness. I typically really like Subway's tuna sandwich...again, a fatal mistake. After trying to eat some dinner we hurried down to the beach. We were so very excited for Ada to see. She loved running on the sand, but was a tad leery of water. I think the noise frightened her. Keith walked her out, but as soon as it touched her she freaked out! She was so scared of it she wouldn't even go near it. We had to go sit farther back so as not to be too close. Ada and Keith still had fun digging around and playing, so long as it was not near the water.
trying to get her to go in the first time
very hesitantScared and crying

had to have one of us hold her if we were near the water
But, she sure did LOVE the sand!
We went home and cleaned up. The next day our plan was for Keith and I to go through a session at the temple and then spend the rest of the day at the beach with Ada. FOILED! In the middle of the night I came to realize that tuna that late in the day from Subway was a poor choice. I will spare the details, but my body went through MASSIVE purging all morning. Thinking once it was out I would feel better. Hello, food poisoning is not short lived. I spent the ENTIRE next day regurgitating anything and everything from food to liquids that entered even in the smallest of quantities. Basically the day was ruined. Ada and Keith sat around watching my die and being bored out of their minds. I kept wishing for death, but only got to throw up again. It was a pretty rotten day to put it nicely. The next day was to be the wedding. We were going to have to get going early to make it there on time. I was still not holding anything down the next morning and was so weak and exhausted I honestly am amazed we made it there on time. We had people watching Ada outside while we went in for the sealing. The whole time I was just praying that I wouldn't throw up. I am proud to say that I kept it together and did NOT throw up in the temple! I was very pleased with that! Once out of the temple we hurried back to our place we were staying, cleaned and packed up all our stuff and went to the luncheon. Miraculously I was able to eat some food and with skill of a professional thrower upper kept it down. We hung out with Dan, his new bride and her family until the reception. I felt so intrusive being there when it was just family, but we had no where else to go. The reception was outside and lovely. Ada was wired though and Keith and I were quickly exhausted and ready to head home.

We couldn't even get her to leave her shoes on!
We left around 8:30pm and headed for home. All I wanted was my home!!! It was a long drive; still recovering and trying to regenerate some energy. Ada was in and out of a restless sleep which was hard, but better than the drive there. Around 2am we got home. I was SO grateful we were blessed with safety on the road...and SO grateful that this horrid nightmare was over. I know there are so many that love going to CA, but for some reason the past several times I have gone I wished I hadn't. I'm glad this was our last "trip" of the summer and that I didn't have to be there. Oh, and I officially despise food poisoning and tuna at Subway!

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Nichole said...

Oh, Marjie!!! I feel for you. Trips like that are ROUGH. I'm glad you are home safely and that you don't have any more rough trips like that ahead of you. Not that TV is the greatest, but have you thought about portable DVD players for the car? Those help us a bit. They're expensive, but so worth it when you're on long trips. And the kids love it because they don't really get to watch much otherwise.

Anyway, I miss you!