Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fourth of July

Our Fourth of July was different this year, but in a good way. Keith got up very early and went rabbit hunting (his latest obsessions) with our neighbor. I really don't mind it because I know he isn't doing it to be cruel or "manly." He wants to learn how to do it so that should there ever arise a need to go hunt food to take care of us, he could. He is a provider and so I support him. When they got home we had our delicious waffles, fruit and whipped cream breakfast. Then cleaned up and headed to my parents house. They wanted to share some time with us and so we had lunch with them. We spent much of the after noon there and it was very nice to just be with my parents. Ada took her nap and then we had planned to meet up with Keith's brother Rob, his girlfriend Emerald and her family. They were doing a bbq and invited us to join. Rob and Emerald have twins 6 months younger then Ada so we want them to be able to spend time together. We headed over there and went swimming and talked. We got to know her family much better and really enjoyed being around them. Rob had even built a rocket to set off. Ada was a bit scared by the rocket's take off, but still enjoyed watching it soar into the air. Emerald's dad made ribs to die for (never really had good ribs before). Everything was so delicious and they were so hospitable to include us. We is got darker they had a TON (and I seriously mean TON) of fireworks. We just sat in the backyard and watched them light them up. Ada was seriously frightened of the noise that she sat on my lap and hid her face against me. She just sat there snuggling the whole time. It was better that we just did these little fireworks and didn't try to go to big ones. I think she would have freaked out with the real thing. We had a marvelous time and when the big dust storm started to blow in we headed out. Got home and went to bed. It was just wonderful. Low key, enjoyable and best of all with family! I love the 4th of July! Next year I want to try and make homemade ice cream (a tradition that we use to do in my family). This is one of my favorite holidays. So easy going, and just about being with family (not overly killed by card companies or having to spend tons of money). Plus, it gives us a chance to remember and be grateful for our wonderful country. I'm so grateful for my citizenship and for the chance to live in this free land.

Ada really didn't want her picture taken, but her outfit (thanks Aunt Melissa) was way too cute to pass up!

my two favoritest people in the whole world!

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