Sunday, July 24, 2011


Well, I did have my birthday on the 28th. I turned 26 this year. I feel really old, but I guess that isn't HORRIBLY old....yet. Sadly, this year didn't go as well as I would have hoped. A month ago Keith told me that his buddy was going to have his "bachelor party camp trip" over Memorial Day weekend. I love him...but a tad forgetful. Sadly, he had no idea that was my birthday. Being a lame girl I stewed over it for several days and was rather grumpy. He was talking about it all the time so I finally asked him if he knew it was my birthday. Nope! Got to love boys, right? They "couldn't" change the date so...I got to be alone. I was not very supportive and more grumpy than needed for which I kind of feel bad now. He left Friday, the day before my birthday. Saturday (birthday) I woke up of course with a MASSIVE migraine. The worst I've had in a while. I laid in the dark and tried to keep an eye on Ada even though I couldn't do much. Around 11 I was finally able to move and take medicine. I had planned to go to the temple and do a session for my celebration. My parents had agreed to watch Ada. I had to move my time back thanks to the head, but finally between 12 and 1 I made it over to drop her off. Still rather achy, I survived and greatly enjoyed my session. Thanks mom and dad for willingly watching Ada. When I got out of the temple I had a message from a couple that we hang out with. The guy is friends with Keith at ASU and we really like hanging out with him and his girlfriend. They are our game buddies because we always play games and just do fun things with them. Apparently they had contacted Keith and wanted to get together that night and play. Keith was suppose to be home Saturday, I had just assumed it would be very late. Well, it all worked out that keith got home around 3 and they met us at Red Robin for dinner and came back and played games. It was so delightful! Oh, and our waitress wasn't very good at Red Robin so our friend he complained...we each got gift cards for like 20 dollars. It was amazing! We played games until late in the evening and had so much fun (I was still taking head medicine, so I was a bit fuzzy sometimes). Rotten morning, but a nice ending. Keith was very sorry about the whole thing and got me a fantastic gift. I have a Bosch (wedding from my side of the family...LOVE IT), and he got me the food processor attachment!!!! SO AMAZING! I will never have to slice potatoes or grate anything every again. Good make up gift, right? Hopefully next year will go better!

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