Sunday, July 31, 2011

5 Days Camping Part 2

So...after our beautiful peaceful days of just Keith, Ada and I we joined up with my mother's side of the family, Broderick, at Hut's Hill. It was a very nice facility that fabulously had showers. Again, love multi-day camping...but I miss my shower! We enjoyed getting cleaned up and setting up camp. From my immediate family there were my parents, Services (Teresa, Tyler and Kenna), and Hansens (Doris, James, Ellie, Abby, Lily, Genny, Sophie, Howard and Cosette). It was so nice to have kids for Ada to play with! It was fun to see the rest of the families as well and catch up with cousins and Aunts/Uncles. My grandparents were even there. The camp ground had a "hotel" area where they were able to stay. I love that my grandparents could be there and that I could spend time with them!

(Ada falling asleep hiking out, hiking in, daddy and Ada in the water, family by the water)
(Keith or course had a wonderful time taking pictures of nature; this is just a sampling. Ada is very independent and wanted to hike by herself)

The first day (Friday) we all went down to Oak Creek to go hiking. We were going to hike West Fork which is special for Keith and I. That's where we hiked for our honeymoon and our 1st anniversary. We have even taken Ada there when she was 13 months. It's a gorgeous hike and for the most part fairly level. Ada wanted to be carried for some of it, but did try to walk most of it. You hike in a while and then there is a great place to play in the water. Keith wadded in the water with Ada and she was thrilled with it. I love watching them together. After a picnic lunch we decided to head back with the Services so that we could get our kiddos down for a nap. Ada was SOOOO tired we had to keep splashing water on her to keep her awake as we hiked out. I know that sounds mean, but otherwise she would have ONLY slept the 15 minute hike out and refused to take her 1.5 hour nap. Yeah, worth it. She was so groggy though it was funny. We made it back to camp and both kids took a great nap. That night was the "Daddy Fun" since Sunday was to be Father's Day. They had all the daddies do an obstacle race. I love my Keith, but he tends to push and do things he can't and get hurt. I knew bad things would happen for my man. They had to push a stroller around cups on the dirt road to a changing station then change the baby dolls clothes and diaper then race back to the starting line. Keith did do great...he even tied for first....of course he did have a NASTY tumble with the strolled that left road rash all up his right side. He broke the stroller wheel and was very sore. I felt so bad for him. Dirt road and running in converse shoes is not the best idea. Luckily we had a first aid kit and access to ice. We turned in early so he could get some sleep. I do have to admit...nights in a "camp ground" are TERRIBLE!!! It is so noisy and you can hear everyone around you. I much more prefer to go to sleep camping in the middle of no where and just hear nature.

(YES! this is a REAL stick bug. I got a little too excited about this, but for crying out loud..I'd never seen a real one! It was hanging out on our tent in the morning. So stinking COOL!)

The next morning Keith was still pretty sore and we were going on day 5 of camping. We packed up camp and hung around a little bit, but honestly I was very anxious to get home and just...BE HOME! Ada slept most of the way home and we were able to quickly get things unpacked once we got home. Boy were we all tired and dirty, but it was a fabulous experience. Now I know we can last at least 5 days in the wilderness.

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