Sunday, July 24, 2011

5 Days Camping Part 1

Keith and I both enjoy camping...but I also enjoy showering. We have been several times in our marriage and even with Ada, but Keith really wanted to plan and multiple night camp trip this summer with Ada. It turned out that this year my mom's side of the family was doing their reunion and it was camping. We agreed to go up early and camp a few days on our own then met up with the rest of the family. The original location was Greer, but thanks to the forest fire last minute changes in location occurred. The reunion was moved to Hut's Hill Campsite just South of Flagstaff. So, we decided to go camp up on the mountain a little past Flagstaff for three days before. This was our first camp trip with our van and it proved WONDERFUL! We headed out early Tuesday morning June 14th. We went past Flagstaff and found this beautiful road that was surrounded by birch trees. We were about 8,000 ft up so it was pretty chilly at night. We set up camp in the wilderness that looked as if no one had been there in a VERY long time. It was so secluded and private. We loved it. Sadly, forest fire danger meant we were not allowed to have camp fires, but we survived with our camp stove. I love knowing that if ever there were some kind of crisis we have the materials to survive in the wilderness fairly well. Ada of course loved being outside. She did pretty well with her nap and even went to bed at night well. Eating not in a high chair proved our hardest battle. She slept most of the night alone and around 3 or 4 joined us. This was our first time using our new "Adam and Eve" sleeping bag. I LOVE, love it! I love I can still snuggle with my hunny in the wilderness and that Ada can fit in there with us. We spent two and a half days just Loving being alone as a family and exploring together. Keith and I even saw 2 deer while out on a walk. I love that we can share this together. We can't afford to really go on nice vacations or stay in hotels, but at least we can have fun together in God's beautiful creations. On Thursday we packed up camp and headed into Flagstaff where we enjoyed an AMAZING (as always) meal at Mike and Rhondas. If you are a true Flagstaff-ian you know what and where that is! So yummy! We even met up at a park with my old roommate Danielle and played for a while. Oh how beautiful and green my Flagstaff is. I miss it so!!!

We look fairly descent after two and a half days camping (I was SO ready to shower though)

Ada learned how to blow those dandelion things. She was obsessed with them!

Keith of course had fun playing around with photography and taking cool pictures. I love his creativity

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Michelle Lamoreaux said...

How fun! I love camping up there. We actually camped probably close to that spot a couple weeks ago. So beautiful and peaceful. Camping is my favorite! (Except this time I was pregnant and had to pee multiple times during the night - not my favorite).